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The Importance of Working with Clients as a Critical Facilities Partner

Stephen Hilton is the Arcadis Leader for the Critical Facilities Sector in Asia and manages the Mechanical and Engineering Teams in Hong Kong. In both roles, he provides strategic support… Read more »

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No Room for Risk: A Sound Business Continuity Plan Is a Must for Healthcare Facilities

Of all the tragic stories that came out of the recent string of hurricanes that hit the southeastern U.S. and Caribbean, one of the worst was the Florida nursing home… Read more »

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Innovation in the Midstream – An Innovation Summit: Software Conference Update

Merriam-Webster defines innovation as “the introduction of something new” or “a new idea, method, or device”. It is that spirit that reflects what is happening this week at Schneider Electric… Read more »

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The Two Things You Need To Do Before Starting on a Serialization Journey

The pharmaceutical industry has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years; mergers, acquisitions and the emergence of complex manufacturing networks have all added complexity in manufacturing operations with multiple manufacturing… Read more »

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Why a Smart City? A Schneider Electric Perspective.

A lot has been written about the benefits of a smart city to its citizens.  Things like better organized activities through city apps, smoother traffic flow, easier parking, and better… Read more »

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Electrical Distribution Safety and Reliability: Get it Right from the Start

Electrical distribution systems are found supplying power in all sorts of factories, data centers, hospitals, and large commercial complexes. The reliability of these systems is critical to keeping businesses and… Read more »

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5 Steps for Efficient Motor Management Design

Efficient motor management can bring you to an optimal design of your motor and electrical installation. There is a simple approach that you can apply to every application. It will… Read more »

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How the Internet of Things has Influenced Midstream Pipeline Operations

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the DNA of modern industrial operations. It establishes a framework to securely connect and collect data from diverse remote assets, delivering information as well… Read more »

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Smart Manufacturing Drives Operational Excellence in the Life Sciences

Craig has 35 years’ experience in sales, marketing, product development, and project management in the industrial market, gained with major suppliers of PLCs, process control systems, power transmission equipment, and… Read more »

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Reason #1 to Become an EcoXpert: A Global Network with Local Support

I am excited to share my first in a 10-set series of blogs about the advantages of joining the Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partner Program! EcoXpert partners form a global networking… Read more »

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IoT, Edge Computing, Big Data – Creating the Next Wave in Data Center Innovation

With Schneider Electric hosting its Innovation Summit at the Paris Marathon this week, I thought it would be a great time to share some of my thoughts on innovation at… Read more »


Why the Internet of Things will be at the heart of smart city transformation

The smart cities movement is absolutely trying to change our world for the better. Great visionary goals are being set at both at city and national level—like India announcing its… Read more »


How do cities become green? 10 best practices of green cities

Will Vancouver be the world’s greenest city in 2020? In 2012 the city of Vancouver, Canada announced their ambitious action plan to become the greenest city in the world by 2020…. Read more »


Why is a regulation required for developing Shore Side Electricity and greener ports?

In comparison to other economic sectors, there are few regulations tackling shipping and port industry emissions. In developed nations, air quality has improved substantially during the last several decades, despite… Read more »

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Pushing the Data Center Boundary Blog: Is Fresh Air really good for everyone?

There’s been a lot of press over the last few years about “Google type” data centers that use 100% fresh air to perform cooling.  In many cases, these designs bring… Read more »


How can utilities protect themselves against cyber attacks?

The energy industry is attracting the attention of hackers looking to cause widespread disruption. This should worry all of us, as the energy that utilities provide serves as the lifeblood… Read more »

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Better Prepared for Unreliable Weather

Excessive heat, high wind gusts, snow, ice and pop-up thunderstorms are just some of the severe types of weather conditions New Hampshire experiences throughout the year.  When Liberty Utilities, a… Read more »

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Solving your Smart City Puzzle

In my travels I’m constantly asked two questions: What is a smart city and how do we go about that journey? Even answering these two questions can be difficult as… Read more »

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Podcast: Close-coupled Cooling Delivers Big Energy Savings

If you run a small- to medium-sized data center, here’s a way you may be able to save about 20% on your cooling system energy bill: implement close-coupled cooling. Close-coupled… Read more »


Data Center Capital Cost Calculator – A Tool to Help Align Your Data Center Business Requirements with Your Project Budget

The data center capital cost calculator can be an invaluable tool to help ensure that a particular design will be in line with your project’s budget, whether it be a… Read more »

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The all-in-one circuit breaker: a sign and solution of our times

Today’s 2G and 3G digital mobile phones integrate cameras, music players, emails, internet connections, text messages … and oh yes, and you can use them to make phone calls. This… Read more »


The “Internet of Things” and Automation

I was introduced to the concept of the “Internet of Things” by Dr. Neil Gershenfeld, Director of the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT, in 2005. Neil saw the… Read more »


IEC 60947-2 the “all-risk” insurance for circuit breakers – Part 1

IEC 60947-2 has been around a while. Originally called IEC 947-2, it got its current name way back in 1997. So, you may wonder, why talk about it now? Let’s… Read more »


IT Key Enabler for Smart Cities at Schneider Electric “Power to the Cloud” Dubai Event

Issues that concern Middle Eastern CIOs, from private cloud adoption and data center outsourcing, to disaster recovery, security, new data center builds and existing facility upgrades are amongst the high… Read more »


Are energy efficient houses and businesses worth more? The return on investment of being Green

Energy efficient houses foreclose less, worth more A recent study investigated the connection between energy efficiency and the ability to pay a mortgage. The study found the risk of mortgage… Read more »


IEC 60947-2 the “all-risk” insurance for circuit breakers – Part 2

IEC 60947-2 obviates risk and ensures safety and reliability. Its requirements have grown in number to keep pace with evolving technologies and reliability needs of electrical distribution. Circuit breaker categories… Read more »


Value for money : what does it mean now ?

Value for money : what does it mean now ? My grandma told me once that in the good old days, it was easy to have quality. High price used… Read more »


What our future energy leaders are saying about 2050

Last week the Norwegian University of Science and Technology hosted the biennial International Summit Energy Summit (ISES) in Trondhiem, Norway which attracted 400 students from 64 countries.  This event is… Read more »


Building the smart factory is closer than you think

The ongoing quest for increased efficiency and productivity is putting more and more pressure on operational and maintenance excellence. As is the need to feed fast growing businesses in new… Read more »


How “Intelligent Pumping” strategies address disruptive trends in Water Wastewater Industry

Global water shortages, the growth in urban population, environmental regulations, and process inefficiencies are all contributing to a crisis in the water-wastewater industry. Let’s discuss, how migration to a new… Read more »