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Generational Diversity: The Value of Inclusion

Frequently, when companies talk about diversity and inclusion, generational diversity doesn’t have an active voice… it gets lost somewhere between the time someone is an intern and the time they… Read more »

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Situational Awareness- What’s it all about? Part 1

Billions of dollars have been invested in researching and developing high performance Human Machine Interfaces (HMI‘s) – NASA, the US armed forces, Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) and other consortiums and every vendor… Read more »


Is DCIM Dead? Long live DCIM

I recently returned from a couple of months’ travel during which I spent some good quality time with 60 or so of our valued customers around the globe. It is… Read more »

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Making the Shift to Active Energy Management

The energy landscape is on the brink of disruption. Because of this, forward-looking companies are already hard at work making the necessary adjustments. And it’s important to understand that every… Read more »

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Four Digital Hospital Trends that Leverage IoT

As populations grow, facilities age and patients demand better service, hospital operations will be pushed to their limits. But there is hope. The Internet of Things (IoT) will enable more… Read more »

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Go Green in the City 2016 Winners Complete Trip Around the World (Part 1)

About Go Green in the City Go Green in the City is the ultimate global student competition for sustainable energy solutions. Students solve real-world business challenges within energy management or submit their… Read more »

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The Power of Digital Energy Management

Over the past years, environmental awareness and regulations have increased significantly due to rising climate change concerns. Stricter environmental regulations could further accelerate rising energy costs, which are already one… Read more »

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The Best BIM Workflow for Getting the Right Content

As Building Information Modeling (BIM) continues to become the standard methodology for the design and construction of buildings, consulting engineers and contractors are experiencing the key benefits of participating in… Read more »

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K-12 School Districts Drive Innovation with New Technologies

When moving to a new state, city, or neighborhood, one of the most important decision making criterion for families is the quality of the local schools. Along with sound curriculum… Read more »

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How Digitalization of Production Allocation Maximizes Oil & Gas Production in Oil Fields

Oil and Gas producers are facing intense challenges in the new normal era of low oil prices – imbalance between supply and demand, combined with slowing demand growth.  In order… Read more »

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5 Ideas to make your House Smarter

You probably already have a Smart-phone, and thinking about buying a Smart-TV while you read an article about Smart Cities… go further, and make your house a Smart-home! No worries,… Read more »


Pushing the Data Center Boundary Blog: HACs vs. CACs – Do we really need to have this conversation?

I was reading some articles online recently and I’m astounded by the lack of understanding of HACs  (Hot aisle containment) versus CACs (cold aisle containment). Let’s get right to the… Read more »

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Without a focus on action, Smart City leadership and vision count for nothing

“Leadership is about addressing the eight most frustrating words in the English language ‘We could never do that in our town’.” – Brent Toderian Deciding to become a smart city… Read more »

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Hot or Cold Air Containment? Examine Your Constraints to Decide

It’s well known by now that air containment systems can eliminate hot spots and provide energy savings over traditional, uncontained data center designs. But which is best for an existing… Read more »

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How much cost saving do you need to make energy efficiency worthwhile?

Ever since data center energy costs and emissions started to get noticed by people outside the industry, many trade media column inches as well as those involved in data centers… Read more »


Smart Cities: It’s what you say, not the way you say it.

I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it again: There are no dumb cities. From the time that humankind started to make settlements together and the first cities… Read more »

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The Industrial Internet of Things is an “evolution” not a “revolution”

The next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – whatever you want to call it, is one of the primary megatrends impacting on our market today,… Read more »


Arresting the surges in lightning strikes

There is widespread ignorance of lightning protection systems, which are often inadequate or non-existent. Surge protection devices like surge protectors lies at the heart of effective, comprehensive lightning protection systems. We consider why…. Read more »


The fusion of two cultures…Information and Operational Technology convergence

In today’s mining world there are many trends shaping the future of mining. Some trends challenge the economic, social and environmental aspects of the industry. Others provide opportunities for mining… Read more »


8 ways hospitals can benefit from an “intelligent infrastructure”

The United Nations predicts that the number of people who are 60 or older today – 841,000,000 – will increase to 2 billion by 2050. The sheer number of patients… Read more »

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Now, the MOST energy efficient houses on the planet!

Ever wonder if your house is outdated?  Believe me it is.  Even if you just built it.  Why am I so certain? We know the energy dilemma in front of… Read more »


Power Quality Issues : Silent Efficiency Killer

Why you should care? Several studies estimate that power quality issues cost the U.S. economy about $15 billion each year. Because approximately 80 percent of all power-quality problems originate from… Read more »


Industrial Electronic Repair – Good For the Environment and the Bottom Line

A year or so ago the constant pressure to finally clean out my basement got the better of me. There was lots of stuff which I didn’t want to part… Read more »


Infographic: What Makes Energy University an Award-winning Education Program

As explained in a previous post, Schneider Electric’s free online education program, Energy University, was recently recognized with the prestigious Sustainable Energy Europe Award, presented during the EU Sustainable Energy… Read more »


Variable speed drive: Back to the features

A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) is obviously able to run a motor at variable speeds, but it is also a smart actuator, fully capable of being connected and integrated into… Read more »


What does “Energy Savings” mean in the industrial automation field?

Every day we are hearing “energy saving” expressions but what does it really mean, specifically in the industrial automation field? How much savings we can have? Is it a fixed… Read more »


Pushing the Data Center Boundary Blog: Is Fresh Air really good for everyone?

There’s been a lot of press over the last few years about “Google type” data centers that use 100% fresh air to perform cooling.  In many cases, these designs bring… Read more »


What is the Square Footage per Accredited Professional for your Green Building Rating System?

In this three part series, the Energy Efficiency Influence Team at Schneider Electric India will discuss possible bottlenecks impacting the growth of the green building market in India. In the… Read more »


GUEST POST: How does energy access spur poverty eradication?

It has been argued that having access to a sustainable energy source is an effective antidote for eradicating rural poverty.  Theory or reality? Until now, the issue of how isolated… Read more »


Increased cement production drives up energy costs and emissions, forcing manufacturers to overhaul the energy used within production

During 2011 and 2012 we saw the global consumption of cement rise to new levels of 3585Mt in 2011 and 3736Mt in 2012*.  With production rising, the cement industry faces… Read more »