Abderrahmane Agnaou

Abderrahmane Agnaou

I'm Thermal Architect for Electrical Enclosures offer at Schneider Electric since 2007. I graduated from ENSEM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Electricité Et de Mécanique), Nancy in France.

[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 steps to optimize outdoor electrical installations

The outdoor electrical enclosures challenge Increasingly, electrical equipment is installed outdoors to be closer to where the action is taking place. Unfortunately, we have no control of the weather; therefore, the… Read more »

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Outdoor electrical installations : determining the right thermal management solution

Considering thermal management solutions for outdoor electrical installations Electrical, electronic and telecommunications equipment increasingly operates outdoors to meet demanding client specifications in rugged applications. The enclosures that house equipment need… Read more »

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Electrical enclosures: Warm and dry keeps condensation away

How does condensation happen? Condensation is caused by warm moist air coming into contact with a surface that is colder than the air’s dew point. So what happens in an… Read more »


How to stop control panels losing their cool in summer

High temperatures are all too often the prime cause of malfunction and failure in enclosure-housed equipment. And even when devices do not actually fail, their service life is curtailed. If,… Read more »


What is Thermal Management of electrical enclosures?

Thermal management is the monitoring and control of temperature produced by devices in electrical enclosures. Why does it matter? Temperature directly affects the reliability and service life of electric –… Read more »

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