Aidin Aliyarzadeh

Aidin Aliyarzadeh

Aidin Aliyarzadeh is part of the team for Machine Solutions within Schneider Electric’s Industry business, working as a Technical Trainer for HAVAC& R and Pump applications along with Safety Modules. Aidin joined Schneider Electric in 2006 as part of the Industry Product Marketing team but has been in the field of automation and instrumentation for over 20 years. He is also recognized and awarded as an Edison Solution Architect and holds several patents in the industrial field.

COP Calculation and Monitoring in HVAC Application

Part 1:  Basics & Traditional method (with sensor) COP stands for Coefficient Of Performance and indicates the efficiency of heating and cooling machines. The COP is defined by the ratio… Read more »


Mobile Storage in Industrial Automation Applications

In our modern life style we are using different kinds of mobile storage to cover our daily needs during trips between home and work, university, gym, business travels, vacations, etc.  For instance,… Read more »


What does “Energy Savings” mean in the industrial automation field?

Every day we are hearing “energy saving” expressions but what does it really mean, specifically in the industrial automation field? How much savings we can have? Is it a fixed… Read more »


Less Effort, More Gain…by Dynamic and Colorful Power Monitoring

Efficiency is not only about better usage or management of water/electricity resources, but it’s also about maximizing the usage of the controls and monitoring functionality/features. I would like to address… Read more »

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Your application is always awake

In order to maximize your machine efficiency you need to control and monitor your application’s performance continuously (COP= Coefficient of performance). Based on exported data we can plan for service and maintenance… Read more »

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