Brandi McManus

Brandi McManus

Brandi McManus was the Senior Vice President of Portfolio and Change Management for Schneider Electric. McManus used her years of experience in strategic messaging, sales leadership and global solutions to drive energy efficiency in businesses worldwide. McManus earned her Bachelor of Science degree from University of Oklahoma in environmental engineering and her Masters in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.

How to Build a Green Team: The First Step to Sustainability

The best place to start building a sustainable company is by collecting a group of individuals in your organization who have some passion about the topic of green or the… Read more »

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The good, the bad and the ugly of Energy Benchmarking

Many corporations “benchmark” their performance on everything from stock price to marketing performance to operational efficiency. Benchmark is a common term used whenever we want to compare ourselves to another… Read more »


Saving energy can save the bottom line

Energy prices are escalating, dependency is increasing and energy sources are becoming scarcer. The same phenomenon is occurring with electricity, natural gas, propane, steam and all other energy sources for… Read more »


How do you make your city a Smart City? It starts with Xperiencing Efficiency

By 2050, 70 percent of the world’s population will reside in our cities – a rapid migration which will push our urban centers to their seams and expanding our current… Read more »


Energy use: A restraint to corporate growth?

As business leaders, we understand there are constraints on our growth. We can be limited in revenue by our headcount. We can only sell as many products as we can… Read more »


INFOGRAPHIC: The Energy Management Marathon

The road to energy management can feel like a marathon.  What are some steps that you can  take to prepare for the race and cross the finish line?

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INFOGRAPHIC: Every Step Counts in the Race for Efficiency

The journey to run a marathon and to reduce energy are very similar. They should both have a structured approach, consult experts and know the challenges.  The following infographic outlines… Read more »

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Muskets, Crossbows and CEOs: How energy can change the face of corporate warfare

In the 18th century, warfare was changed forever. Out were the romantic knights with armor and lances, and in were muskets, artillery and infantrymen. Armies now used gunpowder as an… Read more »

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Importance of Measuring Energy Use

When the monthly utility bill comes, the CFO simply sees is another bill to be paid. Energy is just another operating expense…or is it? An increasing number of international companies… Read more »

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