David Morte

David Morte

With more than 20 years of experience in residential, building & industry markets for power and control equipment, I am a passionate of marketing & innovation sciences. A smart player in Offer & Market strategies according to country plans and local business environments, conducting Offer Creation & Product Evolution processes with robust requirements definition. Transactional and Services Business Models architect for an outstanding customer & brand experience.

Improve Your Electrical Distribution Maintenance Strategy

Electrical distribution equipment maintenance is crucial to safe, cost-effective operations. There are five major benefits to properly maintaining equipment: Protect personnel, assets, and your business Maximize uptime through preventive maintenance… Read more »

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Preventive maintenance: longer life for your electrical distribution equipment at optimal costs

Electrical distribution equipment lies at the heart of every modern business, powering the machines and systems responsible for key processes. Vital equipment, such as circuit breakers, protection relays, or transformers,… Read more »