Daniel Radu

Daniel Radu

I have a PhD in electrical engineering and currently works with Schneider Electric on Shore Connection systems and power system transient analysis. I also have expertise in power system modeling and analysis and LV and MV system and equipment design. I am a technical expert with IEC committees TC18 and 23 and have been an IEEE member since the mid-2000s. I am convener of the IEC/ISO/IEEE Joint Working Group 28 working on Shore Connection Standards.

What does it mean, technically and economically speaking, to switch from rotary to static frequency conversion?

For naval ports and vessels, shore connection solutions have been around for decades. Depending on technical specifications and/or performance requirements, port managers have to make the right choices at engineering,… Read more »

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A standard shore connection now for low voltage vessels

Connecting ships to shore side power has proven to be a technology that alleviates pollution issues within ports by effectively reducing emissions, noises and vibrations of vessels mooring in these… Read more »

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Increasing the Short-circuit Current in a Shore Connection System

In the High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) standards, requirements are specified concerning shore connection grid voltage quality and protection selectivity between the shore connection grid and the ship power system…. Read more »

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Ports: How does Shore Power cut emissions and boost business?

By how much does shore power cut pollution? With high-voltage shore connection technology you power berthed ships from the local electricity grid and not from generators. And with their engines… Read more »


Portside emissions: a real health hazard

Who is most affected by emissions from ships? People living in and around port and harbour areas are growing increasingly concerned over air pollution in their communities. They have good… Read more »


Ships: Rules and regulations getting tougher about Shore power

Just what is MARPOL VI and does it cover shore power? Shore power helps bring ships into line with burgeoning regulations. Chief among these is MARPOL VI. It is Annex VI to… Read more »

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Any Cold Iron? Shore power for a healthier environment and business

If all ships were fitted with the capacity to connect to grid-generated shore power when at berth, there would be gains all round. “Cold ironing”, a term for shore power,… Read more »

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Finally, an opportunity to clean up global ports and make them more profitable

Adventures in the high seas are awe-inspiring. Uncontrollable natural forces, exciting discoveries, and great obstacles created by winds and beasts make for attention-grabbing tales. But, in the real-world, too much… Read more »

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