Francois Borghese

Francois Borghese

I’m a marketing engineer specialist in the Smart Grid domain and more precisely addressing the demand site actors. My role is to favor the development of the business of electrical flexibility at the end user side to serve the supply side needs: emergency requirements, peak or gap management, intermittency management. For that, I’m in deep contact with the site managers and with the supply side actors (Utilities, aggregators, Energy producers).

The new prosumer microgrid: the key to energy flexibility, reliability, and savings

Electric grids everywhere are under stress. While the generation and transmission infrastructure ages, it’s predicted that by 2035 worldwide energy demand will grow by 41%. Weather events are also becoming… Read more »

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The ‘before and after’ of installing an electrical energy storage system: service = success

As grid operators continue to establish or expand their smart grid strategies worldwide, many major commercial and industrial businesses are already setting plans to control their own energy futures. The… Read more »


Choosing an electrical energy storage system: brains meet muscle

If you consider that the recent worldwide 10-year average annual growth rate for solar energy production has been almost 46% , it seems like a good time to jump in… Read more »

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Make your energy ‘prosumer’ strategy work harder: store the energy you produce!

It’s no secret that recovering global and national economies are still putting businesses under a lot of strain. I’m sure most CEOs have two things top-of-mind every day: rebuilding profits… Read more »