Frank Waterer

Frank Waterer

S. Frank Waterer received the BSEE degree from the University of Houston in 1980. Prior to joining Square D Company in 1988 he was a private consultant and a Staff Engineer at Duke University. He is presently an Engineering Fellow with Schneider Electric’s Power Systems Engineering group. Frank is a member of the IEEE Industry Applications Society and of the IEEE Power and Energy Society. He is the former chairman of IEEE/PES Committee 3.0 responsible for all IEEE Standards relating to surge protective devices and their connections and grounding. He represents Schneider Electric on a variety of IEEE, ANSI, UL, and NPFA working groups relating to transformers, design and layout of power distribution equipment, maintenance of power distribution systems and equipment, bonding and grounding systems, ground fault protection systems, surge protection, and lightning abatement systems and he trains and technically supports the operation of Power Systems Engineering.

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