Gabe Andrews

Gabe Andrews

Gabe Andrews has over a decade of experience in the data center environment with a focus on the design, construction, and implementation of data center infrastructure. The longevity in the market have brought an understanding that an efficient data center design begins with a complete understanding of IT management needs and intended usage in addition to the facility management needs and intended usage and imparts this perspective in consultation with owners, operators, and designers.

A Little Water Is Not Always A Large Savings

If I told you that through changes to your facility infrastructure and operational practices your facility water use could drop by 7.4 million gallons per year, what would you say? … Read more »

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Describing Data Centers to Poets: the Human Body Analogy

As someone who works in or around data centers for a living, you’ve likely had the experience of trying to explain to someone who is not up to speed just… Read more »

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