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Guest Blogger

This profile is for the various guest bloggers that contribute their thoughts and experiences around intelligent energy to our growing on-line community. In each blog post below, you will find the contributors biography at the end of their post.

KPI: Mean Cost To Repair (MCTR)

Maintenance is often considered a necessary cost that is almost impossible to control. If organizations operate in run-to-fail mode, it is important to keep high levels of spare parts inventory… Read more »

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Maintenance Practices Enable Sustainability

People are thinking green. Companies that integrate sustainability into their products, services and operations are well-positioned to shine. No matter how sustainable a group of assets may have been in… Read more »

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Achieving Energy Efficiency & a lot more through the Smart Grid

Meeting electricity needs in a cost-effective way has always remained a challenge. In other words, it has continuously been an unachieved target to generate carbon free and efficient power, distribute… Read more »

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Why The Future Of New York’s Electric Utility Looks Bright And Full Of Potential

New York is one of the top 5 cities in the USA in terms of growing solar power usage, energy storage, etc, and is currently setting the cornerstone for emerging… Read more »

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GUEST POST: 3 Ways to Save Money with Your Home EV Charger

If you’ve stepped out of the Ice Age and taken the plunge into the world of eco-friendly transportation, chances are you’ve already started reaping some financial benefits. Considering that Americans… Read more »

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GUEST POST: Industry 4.0 requires Software Factories

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to meet the CEO of The Mathworks, one of the world greatest and most successful software vendors. His favourite book was… Read more »

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LIVE EVENT: Exploring ‘The Next Age’ at the 2014 Influencer Summit

This is Marc Gunther, a guest blogger for the day for Schneider. Below is my live blog  from the Schneider Influencer Summit, a gathering of company executives, industry analysts, financial… Read more »

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GUEST POST: Don’t Get Complacent When Modernizing “Simple” PLC Systems

As a system integrator, we have performed many PLC system modernization projects – some more challenging than others. What we always find is key is ensuring they’re well planned; the… Read more »


Advice for cutting building energy consumption

Take a walk down your nearest city street and pick a building. Any building. Chances are that the building you’re looking at has a problem with its energy consumption. If… Read more »


INFOGRAPHIC: Electricity Compared to other Energy Sources in Commercial Buildings

Compared to the 1950’s, the total electricity consumption of both commercial and residential sectors of the United States was thirteen times greater in 2013.  See the infographic below for the… Read more »