Jaimie Giarrusso

Jaimie Giarrusso

Jaimie Giarrusso manages the global communications for the SmartStruxure Lite solution and room controllers offers - as well as the Life Sciences segment for Schneider Electric’s Buildings Business. Mrs. Giarrusso has executed several successful marketing campaigns, lead content development of marketing material, and has managed numerous global events. Additionally, she has established an effective collaboration with regional marketing teams to align local efforts with corporate messaging and objectives. Married with two children, Mrs. Giarrusso has a degree in Business Management and is intrigued by other cultures, traditions, and societies.

EcoXpert: Cultivating Collaboration and Innovation

In a fast-moving global economy, businesses need to adapt quickly when there is opportunity for technology to give them an advantage. Collaboration and innovation are essential in ensuring solutions that… Read more »

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Building Automation in Retail: Cost Savings Are Only the Beginning!

Building Automation in Retail: Cost savings are only the beginning! Retailers worry about energy costs, and no wonder. In the U.S., the retail industry spends more on energy than any… Read more »

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Life Is On with Schneider Electric’s community outreach

Ensuring that Life Is On! Question: What do 675 Myanmar villagers, one of Canada’s most energy-efficient buildings, and six emergency housing units in France have in common? Answer: They were… Read more »

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Helping Junior Achievement Enrich the Lives of Children

I am super excited to write this blog as it will tell a super-cool story, about three super companies, doing super things to invest in the youth of our super… Read more »

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Is Your Multi-Site Facility Managed by Cloud Technology?

Welcome to the second blog of this series! In my first post, I exposed the challenges of multi-site facility management. Resources are limited, building automation controls often simple, and getting useful… Read more »


Finally! A Simple Guide to Understanding Open Protocols in Building Automation

Understanding Communication Protocols Is Like The Tower of Babel You probably know the story of the Tower of Babel. The people tried to build a structure that would reach the… Read more »


Multi-site Facility Management: The Challenges

In a perfect world, facility management would be seamless. And, multi-site facility management would be a piece of cake. Buildings would have optimized operations, energy would be consumed efficiently, occupant comfort would… Read more »

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Wireless Technology and its Butterfly Effect is Optimizing Building Management Systems

A flyer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s EnergyStar program proclaims this startling fact: The average building wastes 30% of the energy it consumes due to inefficiencies. How is this… Read more »

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Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Employee Comfort or Employee Productivity in your Office Building

In the first blog of this series, I discussed how integrated room controllers can substantially reduce energy waste and pay for themselves with a fast ROI. In that post, I… Read more »


Proof! Room controllers make cutting energy waste in office buildings possible and attainable

Office Energy Waste Reduction: Fiction or Reality It isn’t only in the fictional offices of Dunder Mifflin that people waste energy. Research has shown that this costly phenomenon is happening… Read more »