Juha Rintala

Juha Rintala

Juha Rintala received his B.Sc. degree in information technology from University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa, Finland, in 2006. He currently works at Vamp Oy/Schneider-Electric as offer manager/AED expert in arc-flash protection and has held the roles of HW design engineer and after-sales engineer/arc-flash expert.

The Goal of Arc Flash Protection: Safety Standards

When electric current travels through the air and goes where it isn’t supposed to, the result is an arc flash. It can be a violent event as the current jumps… Read more »

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Arc-flash protection options and GOOSE communication

An arc flash is an electrical explosion that can greatly endanger human life as well as damage or destroy expensive equipment. In fact, arc-flash temperatures can reach 35,000° F, according… Read more »

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