Miles Auvil

Miles Auvil

Miles Auvil was a National Account Manager for the Federal Energy Solutions team at Schneider Electric. He was responsible for helping federal agencies with their Energy Management Life Cycle and has a specific focus on Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Energy Management and Energy Savings Performance Contracts for Data Centers. Prior to this position, Miles spent 12 years with Schneider Electric's IT Business in both an engineering and sales capacity supporting state, local and federal agencies in the design and implementation of reliable and efficient Data Center solutions. Miles holds a B.S. in Business Administration from West Virginia University.

There’s No Need to Wait to Start Metering … And Don’t Let Cost Scare You

Common misconceptions aside, metering your data center to comply with upcoming federal legislation will be easily affordable in most cases. As for the state of that legislation, the good news… Read more »

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PUE and ESPC and UESC! Oh my!

It’s been almost 9 months since I provided my last update to the current state of affairs in D.C. with respect to energy efficiency legislation. We’ve hit a couple potholes… Read more »


Left, Right or Wrong at the Intersection of Energy and IT

In a year of political impasse where we can’t agree on a budget, immigration reform or gun control, an area of agreement and bi-partisan support has emerged; energy efficiency.  Depending on… Read more »

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