Markus Hirschbold

Markus Hirschbold

Marketing Director, Healthcare Solutions, During my 20 year career with Schneider Electric, I have held key positions in R&D, Services and now Offer Creation. I have a strong background in Power Monitoring, Power Quality and Energy Management and have commissioned systems all over the world in segments such as Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Waste Water, Electric Utilities, Universities, Military, Automotive and Manufacturing.

5 Ways to Fight Back Against Power Outages

Most of the time, the electrical power in your building or factory keeps on flowing. The lights stay on, computers keep working, production lines or processes keep running. Occasionally, you… Read more »

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British Airways IT Outage Highlights Need for Power Monitoring and Mitigation

I’m sure by now that most everyone is aware of the major IT outage at British Airways. As reported by The Telegraph soon after the event, the outage “led to… Read more »

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New Technologies are Making Predictive Maintenance for Circuit Breakers a Reality

This is the second in a two-part series on predictive maintenance for circuit breakers. In my first post, I talked about a condition-based approach using real operational and environmental inputs…. Read more »

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How Predictive Maintenance of Circuit Breakers Boosts Reliability While Cutting Costs

In this two-part series, I’ll discuss some new techniques and technologies that can make your circuit breaker maintenance routine more efficient and effective. I’m sure you’ll agree that keeping up… Read more »


Why Do Batteries Fail?

Even today’s most advanced power backup systems rely on the relatively low-tech lead acid battery. While they are limited by low energy-to-weight and energy-to-volume ratios (i.e., they are big and… Read more »


Backup Battery Technology – Can We Park a Tesla in the Plant Room?

I was kind of excited by Elon Musk’s announcement of Tesla’s Powerwall energy storage systems. Why? Because most of what I do in my working life as a specialist in… Read more »


Battery health: Why your UPS batteries deserve good health care too

How many devices do you have with you right now that rely on batteries? Right now on my desk, I have three. There are times at home when I’m sure… Read more »


Can hospitals ever be fully prepared for massive power outages?

Damaging storms don’t discriminate. Even hospitals in the path of historic Hurricane Sandy across the eastern U.S. suffered widespread power loss. This unexpected occurrence highlights the importance of reliable power… Read more »


When electrical power is needed most, or when it rains it pours

Ever notice how healthcare facilities are classic plot devices in many disaster films? They’re cast as either places to avoid – as in most zombie movies – or as places… Read more »

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Jazz and the art of power quality

I admit it: I love jazz. The improv and syncopation … I really enjoy it. If you ever have some spare time to listen, just notice how the waveform carves… Read more »

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