Sachin Chopade

Sachin Chopade

Sachin is marketing for "Foxboro by Schneider Electric" field devices for ASEAN , India, China , Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan and the Pacific region . In his 12 over years with company , sachin participate to build & market offers addressing the needs of energy utilities , buildings , Industrial automation customers.

Unlocking Insights on Energy Efficiency & Asset Management Through Field Devices

Industrial energy use accounts for one-third of the world’s total energy demand. Rising concerns about climate change further heightened the importance of energy efficiency. Policymakers ticked energy efficiency as the… Read more »


3 Easy Steps to add Flexibility to Process Pressure Measurement

Everything matters in marketing. The needs and wants of users from Energy, Buildings, and Industrial domains show similar trends. Though they differ in the business landscape, all users are looking to add flexibility to their… Read more »


Smart cities solutions are offering excellent opportunities to build winning partnerships!

Over the past few years, business partners like resellers, system integrator, panel, and machine builders become integral part of the demand fulfillment ecosystem. While OEMs leveraging e-commerce platforms to improve… Read more »

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Maintaining the smart cities building blocks

The trend of urban demographics giving rise to new social and economical challenge. The cities are stretched beyond the capacity of their infrastructure and resource . There is a scarcity… Read more »

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4 Good Reasons to Digitize your low Voltage Electrical Network

Technology is changing our habits so our habitat. Information is becoming power. With smart devices becoming commonplace item; internet at touch of a button is very much a reality. In… Read more »

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