Stephanie Byrd

Stephanie Byrd

A large part of Stephanie Byrd's days are spent receiving and sending messages. She craves to know “more” and will pick up any magazine lying around, or become lost online after a chasing rabbits with a series of clicks. She is especially interested in renewable energy and environmental issues. At Schneider Electric, Stephanie has the pleasure of managing marketing communication efforts for the US Retail division. This includes advertising, press relations, events, social media, website design and literature development. She is proud to send continuous messaging about the benefits of solar energy and hopes to persuade people to look forward to this future. After a day of work, Stephanie enjoys cooking new dinner recipes and the occasional ballet class.

Utilities (and Matthew McConaughey) want us to save energy: How utilities drive smarter demand and smarter supply

That Matthew McConaughey is so hot right now. I recently saw him as a tiny cowboy in Dallas Buyer’s Club, then watched him pound his chest in The Wolf of… Read more »

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Technology pushes solar one step forward; Utilities pull it one step back

If you’ve seen one trade show, you’ve seen them all. They all have the dull roar of a hundred simultaneous conversations and the drifting smell of $8 hot dogs. Last… Read more »


Place your bets! Is the solar industry emerging or maturing?

In theory, every emerging industry moves through the stages of the Consolidation Curve (Harvard Business Review, 2002) as it becomes a mature industry. Know where your industry lies on the… Read more »

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Follow this formula for an easy residential solar installation

Adding solar to your house is not the easiest home improvement project. You cannot simply nail solar modules to your roof and wait for the sun to power up your… Read more »


Renewable energy is risk averse – Just like you (and the NFL, Texas, and others you wouldn’t expect)

Maybe you chose a garden gnome in your yard to guard the spare house key. Or maybe you have it in a petunia planter, or under that nondescript rock. Keeping… Read more »

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