Stephanie Taylor

Dr. Stephanie Taylor

Dr. Stephanie Taylor is the CEO of Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, Inc. After working as a physician for many decades, Dr. Taylor obtained a Masters in Architecture as well as Infection Control certification. Her lifelong commitment to patient care includes focusing on improving the healthcare physical environment and clinical work processes to help patients heal quickly and save hospitals valuable dollars. Dr. Taylor is a graduate of Harvard Medical School (MD), and Norwich University (Masters Architecture). She has numerous research publications in "Nature", "Science", and other peer-reviewed journals. In her spare time, she enjoys sky-diving, skiing, tennis, SCUBA diving, rock climbing, and road bicycling with her family, as well as playing with her six dogs.

Strategies for Defending our Healthcare Heroes from Terrorist Attacks

Coauthored by Steve Nibbelink In light of the recent events that have plagued our cities, I would first and foremost like to extend my condolences to the victims and families of… Read more »

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Behavioral Treatment for the Fragmented Hospital

Buddha says, “Where we have the most difficulty, we have the most to learn.” Business organizations often use the term “silo”, when referring to employees or departments who work as… Read more »

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Humans and Machines Tagteam to Reduce Human Error and Ensure Patient Safety

I recently had surgery at a highly esteemed academic medical center, the sort of hospital where I anticipated the best care. They had the newest electronic medical record program, a… Read more »

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Eight Ways Computers Can Make Decisions for Your Hospital

It is fairly easy to conceptualize that computers can compare, analyze and compartmentalize data according to rules dictated by a human created program. But, this is just a small part… Read more »

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Designing Healthcare Facilities with Change in Mind

Like all things on earth, time impacts buildings to cause either evolution or extinction. We are most familiar with the concept of evolution in biology, where it is discussed as… Read more »


Balance your Hospital Ecosystem to Improve Patient Safety

Winston Churchill said. “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.” While all building owners strive to comply with federal and local building codes, perhaps hospital CEOs and… Read more »

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Is your hospital a breeding ground for healthcare-acquired infections?

Anyone with a green thumb knows that a healthy plant has a “give-and-take” exchange with the soil in which the roots are embedded. Mineral nutrients essential for growth are drawn… Read more »


Using the past to create a better future: Strategies to achieve hospital goals

As 2015 begins, many of us are contemplating New Year’s resolutions. Has overeating, overspending, or watching too much TV become habits which, if continued, could lead to seriously bad consequences?… Read more »

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Stop Flushing Medical Errors Down the Toilet

We have explored in previous writings how biological systems and human physiology can model elegant solutions for the design and operation of complex hospital buildings, suggesting ideas for non-disruptive alarm… Read more »

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Infection Control Regulations: A Plea for Building Codes and Patient Safety

A landmark event in the history of hospital regulatory codes was a tragic fire in the Hartford Hospital in 1961. A lit cigarette butt, thrown into a trash chute, sparked… Read more »

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