Todd Snide

Todd Snide

Todd A. Snide is a Group Senior Expert and a leading technologist for Schneider Electric. For more than 9 years, Todd has worked for Schneider Electric in the Industry Business on wide ranging topics that include research with MIT, standards consortia, innovation, cyber-security, networking and communications. Todd received his Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Boston University in 1991. Todd is a private pilot and along with flying enjoys writing, drawing and outdoor activities.

Industrial Automation is ready for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is coming and in some industries is already here but is in its infancy. Industrial Automation is ahead of most other industries in the readiness for… Read more »

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Evolving the Human Machine Interface (HMI)

I am a strong believer in the coming of the Internet of Things. In some areas it is already here, not in its final form but in its infancy. Considering… Read more »


3-D Printing creating changes in Industrial Automation

In my last blog I presented a brief view of the future of automation as seen by Dick Morley. Dick’s adaptive manufacturing concept relied in part on 3-D printing. I… Read more »


Lunch with Dick Morley and some Automation Talk

I was having lunch with Dick Morley on a recent afternoon and the talk turned to the future of automation. Given Dick can be credited with the developing modern industrial… Read more »

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The “Internet of Things” and Automation

I was introduced to the concept of the “Internet of Things” by Dr. Neil Gershenfeld, Director of the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT, in 2005. Neil saw the… Read more »