Vanya Ignatova

Vanya Ignatova

Vanya Ignatova (PhD, Power Quality) is a Power Quality Marketing Expert for Schneider Electric, creating power quality solutions for Industry, Critical Buildings, and Utility applications. She joined Schneider Electric in 2006 as Electrical Engineering Expert to specify software for calculation and sizing of electrical installation. Since 2010 she has specialized in Solutions Offer Creation for energy management and power quality.

Self-Consume or Export to the Grid?

What to do with photovoltaic renewable energy and why your decision matters. When you, as a facility manager or building owner, decide to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact… Read more »

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Power Up Your Building With These Renewable Energy Technologies

The prevalence of green buildings is growing all around the world, encouraged and frequently even required by both client demand and government policies. The net-zero energy goal being widely adopted… Read more »

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How to make your building —whether existing or new construction—net-zero energy

Buildings presently account for approximately 40% of the world’s energy consumption, and that figure is on the rise. Experts project that energy consumption in buildings will increase substantially in the… Read more »

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Understanding the Victims of Power-Quality Disturbances

As I described in my post “Understanding the Sources of Power-Quality Disturbances,” the density of electrical equipment in today’s industrial facilities creates numerous opportunities for power-quality problems to occur. That… Read more »

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Understanding the Sources of Power-Quality Disturbances

Poor power quality can cause innumerable problems in industrial facilities. While a facility owner’s first inclination might be to blame their electric utility for such problems, it’s much more likely… Read more »

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Ground Fault Protection for Utility-Scale Solar Arrays

Solar-photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation has grown by leaps and bounds over just the last half-decade, and offers tremendous promise for meeting both growing energy demands and the need to reduce… Read more »

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Helping Wind Turbines and Grids Form More Reliable Connections

Wind turbines have become major players in today’s electricity-generation market, with year-over-year market growth, internationally, hitting 44 percent in 2014, according to the Global Wind Energy Council. However, this rapid… Read more »


Why Poor Power Quality Costs Billions Annually and What Can Be Done About It

“Power quality” can seem to be a pretty abstract term – how does one judge the quality of such an unseen commodity as electricity? But, as commercial and industrial facility… Read more »


Power Quality Improvements for Today – And Tomorrow

As I outlined in my posts “Power Quality: Measuring to Manage” and “How Today’s Meters Make Power Quality Data Easier to Understand,” measurement and analysis are the critical first steps… Read more »

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How Today’s Meters Make Power Quality Data Easier To Understand

Today’s power-quality metering devices can capture data on issues ranging from transients and surges to harmonics and power interruptions – but that raw data, alone, might not be useful to… Read more »

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