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Airflow’s Role in Data Center Cooling Capacity

Just because temperatures run high in a data center, that doesn’t always mean the facility is out of cooling capacity, says Chris Wade, national technical services program manager, Newmark Grubb… Read more »

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Modularity and Data Centers: 6 Requirements You Shouldn’t Forget

Pre-fabricated components make up today’s modular data centers. Not only is the equipment pre-installed and wired, but cabinets also can be pre-installed with or without IT equipment. The only things… Read more »

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A Look at Data Center Reliability and Availability

In the world of data centers, the terms, “availability” and “reliability” are often, erroneously, used interchangeably. While both describe a center’s performance and are related, they mean two distinctly different… Read more »

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Minimizing Data Center Downtime Caused by Human Error

Despite all of the growing sophistication of today’s buildings and the systems that keep them operating, the majority of interruptions don’t come from equipment failure but human error. While data… Read more »


Crucial Steps to Consider when Evaluating Sites for Critical Facilities

When evaluating sites for data centers, facilities professionals need to consider specific criteria for security and site integrity should emergency events occur and standard support systems fail. An ideal way… Read more »

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Preventing Problems In Data Centers

Performing a data center facility “check-up” every three to five years is essential to assess and manage such dynamic factors as load growth, changes in types of loads supported, equipment… Read more »

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Operating Higher Temperature Data Centers

The traditional rule of thumb was always that colder data centers (between 68°F and 70°F) were important to prevent problems with servers overheating. At one time, that made sense. But… Read more »


What Lessons Hurricane Sandy Taught FMs about Data Center Operations

Lessons of Hurricane Sandy for facilities professionals who were tasked with overseeing operations in critical facilities — a term that this particular hurricane clearly redefined. Building Operating Management surveyed readers… Read more »

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Benefits of IT and FM Cooperation Are Real and Crucial

The need for cooperation between the facilities and IT departments in ongoing data center maintenance and upgrades isn’t just a good thing. It’s a necessary one. Changes in data center… Read more »

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The Benefits of Data Center Modularity

The growing demand for data center space, coupled in many cases with pressure to get it built quickly, is forcing the industry to re-examine how these centers can be developed… Read more »

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