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Mastering the Science (and Art) of Building Control Sensors

We all know the drill. One person in your cubicle farm is either always too cold or too hot and ends up commandeering the thermostat, forcing everyone else to work… Read more »

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How can an integrated healthcare infrastructure improve patient safety?

The statistics are staggering: According the World Health Organization, 1 in 10 patients is harmed while receiving care in even the most advanced hospitals. The National Center for Missing and… Read more »

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Catch some of the highlights from Schneider Electric direct from CiscoLive 2013 in London!

Traditionally, IT managers and networking and communications specialists have not been responsible for tracking energy bills in their enterprises, but they will soon. Rising energy costs coupled with the increasing… Read more »

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Do you know Energy University?

Energy University is a FREE, online, educational resource, offering more than 200 vendor-neutral courses on energy efficiency and data center topics to help you identify, implement, and monitor efficiency improvements… Read more »


Hotel Genius

I like to think of myself as a frequent traveler: more than 35 countries visited, at the top of a few airline status lists, and with a fail-safe packing strategy…. Read more »


Learning the ABCs of Building Controls

Ever been working late at your office building and notice how the whole building’s atmosphere seems to change after 6 p.m.? Everything gets just a little bit darker and quieter—and… Read more »

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How to Determine Portable Cooling Needs for Mission Critical Facilities

If a data center loses cooling, hindsight will be no consolation for mission critical facilities managers who failed to consider the role of portable cooling in averting a meltdown. Most… Read more »

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Why High Performance Buildings matter more than ever in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook

As I reflect on recent events in 2012, I find myself more than ever recognizing the importance of high performance buildings in 2013 and beyond – smarter, sustainable, resilient and… Read more »

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Get Big Savings in Energy Efficiency from Building Commissioning

Nearly every building has some sort of performance problems. Design flaws, construction defects, malfunctioning equipment and a host of other problems can lead to serious issues such as equipment failure,… Read more »

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Executive take: the OpEx Opportunity Remains Strong

If you’re wondering when the economy will return to high-growth in capital expenditures for building automation, data center infrastructure, and other products needed during boom times, you may be overlooking… Read more »

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What Smart Modernized Buildings Look Like

Aging Facilities Part 4: The Benefits of Modernization This is the final blog in a series of four that discuss the challenges of aging buildings, including the demands of today’s… Read more »

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For Security Systems, 99% Availability May Be No Where Near Good Enough

When you think about the applications that your business needs to be continually available, most likely systems like transaction processing and, these days, even email come to mind. They are… Read more »

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Keeping up with the Evolution of Buildings Part 1 – Buildings of the Past

Advances in technology and the explosion of connected devices and sensors are driving a new era of buildings and their management. With that, facility managers are now under pressure to… Read more »

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The Many Benefits of a Strong Energy Management Partnership – Shedd Aquarium

What happens when you retrofit a historic nearly 90-year-old building that is the home to over 32,000 aquatic animals and nearly 2 million annual visitors with state-of-the art systems? Not… Read more »

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Four Strategies for Modernizing Aging Buildings

Aging Facilities Part 3: Four Effective Strategies for Modernization This is the third blog in a series of four that discuss the challenges of aging buildings, including the demands of… Read more »

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I Work in a Green Building

As a member of Schneider Electric’s Green Buildings team (and an active member in my local USGBC chapter), I try to exemplify sustainable practices in my professional and personal life…. Read more »

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From Case Study to Mainstream – Barriers and Enablers on the Path to Smart, High Performance Buildings

Watch Melissa O’Mara lead a panel discussion “From Case Study to Mainstream – Barriers and Enablers on the Path to Smart, High Performance Buildings” featuring David Eijdai, Weidt Group, and Net Zero Court; Tim… Read more »

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CiscoLive!, The World of Solutions Opens

CiscoLive! really started to pick up today with the majority of attendees arriving. Early morning shuttles were packed, as were the registration and dining areas. Attendees lined up 30 minutes… Read more »

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4 Undeniable Benefits of the Cloud – Part 2 of “Moving to the Cloud”

This is the second blog in a series of three on why and how companies are moving their building security management to the cloud. In my last blog, I discussed… Read more »

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Advancing Standards in the Built Environment

As my colleague Melissa O’Mara recently wrote, energy efficiency standards are crucial in the journey to achieving high performing buildings. Codes and Standards such as the IECC and ASHRAE Standards… Read more »

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Fine-Tuning your Building Saves Energy

Things Change Buildings, systems and equipment change over time. Performance may decline. Components may break or fail. Other needs may arise. To deliver the desired results, everything needs maintenance. Technology… Read more »

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Three Reasons Your Hospital Needs an Intelligent Infrastructure

Your hospital needs to get smarter – specifically in terms of its infrastructure. Why? Because there’s increased demand on healthcare facilities, driven by demographics. World population will grow 33% over… Read more »

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Make Building Information Modeling Work for You

Let me tell you a story that eventually had a happy ending. Electrical engineers were working on a building project, and there were design changes made along the way. But… Read more »

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“Mr. Facility and IT Manager, tear DOWN this wall!”

DCIM and BMS tools can work together to improve management and monitoring It has been nearly 30 years since President Ronald Reagan visited Berlin and gave a speech not far… Read more »

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Mobile Notifications Simplify Multi-Site Security Management

Facility managers and security operations staff are often bombarded with calls for from multiple tenants, across several sites, but traditionally they had no insight or control on the spot.  Now… Read more »

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How Power Distribution System Connectivity Extends Real-Time Vision and Control

This is the third in this blog post series, looking at how innovations in power distribution are helping facility teams like yours take full advantage of trends in energy decarbonization,… Read more »

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30%? 8%? What do these numbers mean for energy efficient buildings?

Technology moves so fast sometimes that you may not be aware of the innovative software tools that can transform the way your energy system is managed and maintained. Let’s look… Read more »

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Call a Plumber…? There’s Water Dripping out of Electrical Conduits in the Data Center!

It’s summer, which is always a test for data center operators and data center design and preparedness. With the arrival of the “dog days of summer” occasionally comes an unexpected… Read more »

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Energy Action: We reduced our energy consumption, but how?

This blog series is about the Energy Action Program through which Schneider Electric has reduced its energy consumption by 9.2% since 2011. The blog series will focus on the energy… Read more »

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Build a Firm BMS Foundation with Field Devices

As the Three Little Pigs discovered, paying attention to building basics is important. Failing to do so can have unpleasant – and potentially disastrous – consequences. On the other hand,… Read more »

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