Data Center Disruption: Are You Ready for a Dramatic Change in Energy Prices?

New technologies such as personal computers, the Internet, mobile devices and social media have transformed the way we work and live and the way enterprises do business. While transformational change… Read more »

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Schneider Electric and Telecity’s Award-Winning Condorcet Data Center

I had the pleasure of meeting with Stephane Duproz, managing director of Telecity France, when he came to Dubai to speak at Schneider Electric’s Power to the Cloud event. Addressing… Read more »

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IT and OT; How The Internet and Personalised, Real-Time Data Is Enabling The Convergence of IT

During my recent visit to Dubai and the Power At The Cloud event, I spent a short time talking with Jo Hart, Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Schneider… Read more »

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White Paper Provides an Education for IT Professionals on Data Center Electrical Terms and Concepts

Working in a data center, IT professionals undoubtedly come across electrical terms from time to time that they may not completely understand, or perhaps don’t understand at all. But in… Read more »


How Do Prefabricated Data Centers contribute to a Smart City?

Two of the main talking points at events I attended towards the end of 2013 were Smart Cities and Prefabricated Modular Data Centers. I had a bit of a packed… Read more »

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Schneider Electric Shows Off New Cooling Units at AHR Expo

Schneider Electric was showing a couple of new products at the recent 2014 AHR Expo in New York, including new versions of its Uniflair HDCV large capacity chilled water units… Read more »

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New Boston Mayor Represents Sea Change in Use of Smart City Technology

The Boston Globe recently ran a front-page story about how the city’s new mayor has two big computer monitors in his office that he uses to keep tabs on various… Read more »

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A Challenge to the Data Center Industry: Get Off the Stick and Embrace The Millenials

A year or so ago, when my son was about 6, I took him to the local Lowe’s to pick up a few things for the house. While there we… Read more »

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Modular or Prefabricated: a question of data center definitions

At the recent “Power to the Cloud” event in Dubai, I spoke with Tony Day, Global Director of Business Development, Prefabricated Solutions at Schneider Electric following on from a panel… Read more »

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Predictable efficiency leveraging prefabrication

As said in Forrest Gump, “Life is  like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” One of the problems when building data centers in the traditional… Read more »

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Cloud Data Centers and the art of Feng Shui

For over 3000 years, Feng Shui has been bringing balance and harmony to physical space. In China, millions of people live their lives according to the natural forces and principles… Read more »


Electrical Design and Maintenance Considerations in Data Center Disaster Avoidance

A sound disaster avoidance plan is crucial to ensuring the continuous 24x7x365 operation of a mission critical data center. The plan needs to cover numerous areas (as outlined in the… Read more »


Schneider Electric Mini-Pod Data Center Provisions Logicalis Hybrid Cloud at Loughborough University

The deployment of Hybrid Cloud Delivery services at Loughborough University is a subject which Simon Daykin, CTO of Logicalis, knows well. So it was with great interest that I went… Read more »

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How to Save Money and Improve Working Conditions: Pay More Attention to Lighting

Lighting is a topic most facilities managers apparently don’t pay enough attention to, at least according to the National Lighting Bureau. In a study from 2003, the NLB found that… Read more »

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How Schneider Electric helps Data Center Service Providers ensure consistent SLAs across national borders

  For multi-national companies rolling out data centers across multiple countries it can be a fine balancing act between adapting to local market conditions and regulatory requirements and at the… Read more »

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Data Center Science Series: Containerized Modules by Neil Rasmussen

  Short Answers to 6 Questions About Modular, Containerized Data Centers I recently recorded a series of videos for the marketing team here at Schneider Electric, including one that addresses… Read more »

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5 Data Center Resolutions for 2012

It’s a slam-dunk for any blogger to take advantage of the holiday season to write posts on holiday gifts and resolutions. Far be it from me to pass up this… Read more »

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Understanding Data Center Reliability, Availability and the Cost of Downtime

Here’s a sobering statistic from the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C.: 93% of businesses that have lost availability in their data center for 10 days or more… Read more »

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Understanding Mean Time between Failure in the Data Center – Part 2

In this blog I am going to finish the topic I started last week’s blog on understanding MTBF.  If you recall, I stated towards then end of last week’s blog… Read more »

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Facebook Implements Innovative Ambient Air Cooling Strategy and Builds a Better Server

Facebook not only has an innovative cooling strategy for its new Prineville, Ore. data center, it’s building its own servers that consume less power and are easier to repair. Those… Read more »

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Data Center Infrastructure Management Software: Orchestrating Space, Power and Cooling

Managing power, cooling, and space remains a primary challenge in data centers. Here Soeren Schroeder, software director at Schneider Electric, tells us why that is still the case. The full… Read more »

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New Green Grid study identifies "aggressive growth" of regulatory pressures on EMEA data centers

Speaking about the volume of legislation and regulation coming into effect in EMEA, John Tuccillo, Chairman and President of the Green Grid spoke about a new report which the organization… Read more »

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New Data Center in Besançon, France, Plays it Cool with EcoBreeze

I caught up with Dushy Goonawardhane about the Neoclyde data center in Besançon, France. Dushy is business development manager for Schneider Electric’s cooling solutions in EMEA, and he’s had a… Read more »

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An Update on The Green Grid, Data Center Metrics and Regulation

Recently I met up with Andre Rouyer, Industry and Alliances for The Green Grid, whilst visiting Data Centres Europe. I asked him to bring me up to date with some… Read more »

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Prefabricated data center modules break the mold for design flexibility!

Remember the old days when we built power and cooling infrastructure into a data center building? The IT load was all the same voltage and similar IT rack density and… Read more »

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Modular Data Center Market is Heating up – and Reliability is One Reason

The market for prefabricated, modular data centers is heating up, to say the least. In a session at the Uptime Institute Symposium 2012 event this week in Santa Clara, industry… Read more »

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12 Ways to Save Energy in Your Data Center

Like most people, I love a good list – top 10 this, 15 best that, whatever it might be. So I was most interested to see a new e-book from… Read more »

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Limit Your Risk of Data Center Fire Damage With Sound Prevention, Detection and Suppression

You’ll see a fair amount of coverage on this blog and elsewhere about natural disasters that can disrupt power and generally wreak havoc on a data center. But we don’t… Read more »

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How to Save Up to 50% on Your Pump or Fan Installation

Picture yourself driving your family sedan down a windy country road. Now picture that you have no control over the gas pedal—it is always fully to the floor—and the only… Read more »

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4 Mistakes to Avoid in Data Center Process and Procedure

As we mentioned in a previous post, human error is the cause of most data center downtime, rather than design flaws or system failures. Taking steps to avoid human error… Read more »

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