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8 Issues Driving Transformation at Distribution Utilities

What’s propelling distribution utilities to digitize, decarbonize, and decentralize their business? For an overview of the situation, let’s look at eight crucial change drivers. Decentralization One of the biggest game… Read more »

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How EcoXpert Companies are Pioneering the LED Lighting Revolution

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) revolution, coupled with EcoStruxure™ technology and its IoT backbone, is one of the most powerful game changers for Schneider Electric’s Light & Room Control EcoXpert™ partners, enabling… Read more »


So you have old switchgear installed: what next?

The question on spending a significant portion of finances in maintenance and services of one’s installation has baffled many of us. There are no second thoughts on the fact regularly scheduled maintenance,… Read more »

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IoT: it’s transforming our partners’ business model

The value of IoT connectivity Let’s talk about IoT! The vast amount of data that will be made available from connected objects, systems and other digital methods is valuable in… Read more »


How connected products and services boost smart building performance

This is the third in a series of posts discussing the recent report from industry analyst Verdantix titled ‘Schneider Electric Innovates To Lower Cost Of Smart Buildings’. The first two… Read more »

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Building Energy Management Systems

Digitization and visualization are two key pillars which can help us achieve our energy efficiency goals, especially in the buildings market, if we are keen to manage our energy consumption… Read more »

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Choosing LED lighting for enclosures: 6 important features

In the quest for improved energy efficiency and lower energy costs, most parts of the globe have begun adopting LED technology. And the trend shows no sign of abating. A… Read more »

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6 Ways Smartgrid Technology Can Solve Medium Voltage Substation Challenges

Utilities are struggling to manage distributed energy resources’ (DER) increased integration into the grid and face growing pressure to keep down costs and optimize assets, while at the same time… Read more »

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Green Buildings – The Mantra for Companies, Cities and Countries

As per “World Green Building Trends 2016” Smart Market Report of Dodge Data & Analytics, the global green buildings activity continues to double every three years. Interestingly, the survey data covered… Read more »

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Powering the New Energy World

Today’s energy world is facing widespread transformation. The electricity and Oil & Gas sectors are taking note. Traditional, centralized electric grid models are evolving to a world of distributed energy… Read more »


Microgrids: Are They Mainstream Yet?

The U.S. microgrid market is expected to grow five-fold from about $8 billion in 2013 to $40 billion in 2020. To me, that indicates an immediate need, as well as… Read more »

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Renewables, it’s your time to Shine!

Just over a century ago oil pooled on the surface a worthless byproduct of the earth. The cost of obtaining oil was the effort it took to dip a bucket,… Read more »


Runners and marathon lovers: What you should know about Smart Cities

As tens of thousands of marathon runners and hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world converge on the city of Paris, it prompts us to reflect on… Read more »


Optimizing your Smart Utility – a Roadmap to Success

In my last post, I described how an Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) – a convergence of SCADA, DMS, OMS, EMS, and DSM functions – is an essential ingredient in… Read more »

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Big Data is a really Big Deal in Healthcare… in a number of ways you might not have thought about

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced May 28th, 2013 that more than half of all doctors and eligible providers have received Medicare or Medicaid incentive payments for adopting or meaningfully using… Read more »


Why do you need to comply with ISO50001?

The International Standards Organization is probably most famous for ISO9001, which defines Industrial Quality Management standards, and ISO14001, which is central to Environmental Management Systems. Sure, you can build a… Read more »


Top 5 Reasons Why ESCOs Have Failed to Realize the Full Potential of Energy Efficiency – Part I

Pick up an energy efficiency conference brochure and chances are there will be a dedicated session on Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). Talk to a top-level policy maker in any country… Read more »


Wireless technology is changing the playing field for building owners. That’s cool.

Wireless technology drives devices that we use every day – our smart phones, tablets, laptops, GPS, and more. How cool is that for us? Wireless technology can also mean better… Read more »


4 Ways DCIM Can Help Conserve Energy

Everyone wants to run an energy efficient data center but too often companies take a few steps to trim their energy use, pat themselves on the back and leave it… Read more »

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IT Key Enabler for Smart Cities at Schneider Electric “Power to the Cloud” Dubai Event

Issues that concern Middle Eastern CIOs, from private cloud adoption and data center outsourcing, to disaster recovery, security, new data center builds and existing facility upgrades are amongst the high… Read more »


The good, the bad and the ugly of Energy Benchmarking

Many corporations “benchmark” their performance on everything from stock price to marketing performance to operational efficiency. Benchmark is a common term used whenever we want to compare ourselves to another… Read more »


Powerless: Lessons learned at Super Bowl XLVII

New Orleans, February 3, 2013. One minute and 38 seconds into the second half of Super Bowl XLVII something extraordinary happened: Half the lights went out inside the Superdome. With… Read more »


Operating Higher Temperature Data Centers

The traditional rule of thumb was always that colder data centers (between 68°F and 70°F) were important to prevent problems with servers overheating. At one time, that made sense. But… Read more »


How do you make your city a Smart City? It starts with Xperiencing Efficiency

By 2050, 70 percent of the world’s population will reside in our cities – a rapid migration which will push our urban centers to their seams and expanding our current… Read more »


Four Reasons Why Energy Efficiency Programs Fail

So you’ve decided to take the initiative to achieve sustained energy savings at your organization. By addressing every source of electricity consumption through robust automation, comprehensive energy controls, and continuous… Read more »


Are Scrubbers a relevant solution for shipping industry?

By 2012 per the Marpol6 global regulation, ships are restricted to Sulphur emission of 1% in ECA areas and 3.5% in Global areas. By 2015, Sulphur emission must be reduced to… Read more »


Better Sustainability with BEMS – a Building Energy Management System

What do Germany’s Siemens, Korea’s LG Electronics, and America’s Abbott Laboratories have in common? All are identified as industry group leaders in the latest Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. This is… Read more »


Prove Your Data Center Knowledge: Get Certified Through Energy University

Certifications have long held value in IT circles, helping practitioners prove they know their way around everything from Cisco routers to Microsoft Windows operating systems. Typically, though, getting certified in… Read more »


Why the Internet of Things will be at the heart of smart city transformation

The smart cities movement is absolutely trying to change our world for the better. Great visionary goals are being set at both at city and national level—like India announcing its… Read more »


INFOGRAPHIC: What does it take to compete in the Solar Decathlon?

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is an award-winning program that challenges 20 collegiate teams from around the world to design, build and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive. This year for the first time ever, the competition will take place at Orange County Great Park