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Earth Day in Europe

  I write this blog more than 4,500 miles from home from the Schneider Electric office in Maidenhead, England. While in the UK, it’s been exciting to see how London… Read more »

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I Heart Green Buildings

The Twitterverse has been abuzz today with heart day topics from “How Sustainable is Your Valentine’s Day Candy?” and a Harvard Business Review “Ode to Leadership and Love.” In honor of… Read more »

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An energy bill that Congress can and should pass – The Hill's Congress Blog

An energy bill that Congress can and should pass – The Hill’s Congress Blog. Excellent article by our North American CEO, Chris Curtis.  Worth the full read to get the… Read more »

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European regulation MID related to legal metrology

As mentioned in my previous post, legal metrology is usually covered by regulations and applies to measuring instruments used in: Commercial transactions (e.g. weight-price scales for retail stores, petrol pumps,… Read more »

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How IEC 61850 alters arc-flash protection schemes

The goal of arc-flash protection is to minimize the damaging effects of released energy. Such protection requires rapid and reliable communication among protection system components. Arcing faults in switchgear are… Read more »

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To (the Future) Mr. President: Our Energy Problem Won’t be Solved with Incomplete Equations

Our SVP of Government Affairs, Jim Pauley, recently shared his thoughts on energy and the election with AOL Energy. His argument urging the candidates to put as much emphasis on… Read more »

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The interest of legal metrology for billing applications

As anyone, I have to pay for the electricity, the gas or the water I am consuming in my house. As anyone, I would be very angry if I am… Read more »

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GridEx II Serves as Reminder on Grid Reliability and Secure Power Preparedness

As a U.S. resident, one of things I’m blessed with is a stable electric grid, at least relative to the grid in many other parts of the world. It’s so… Read more »

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Rethinking Chilled Water Temperatures Can Bring Big Savings in Data Center Cooling

There’s no sugar-coating it: data centers use a lot of energy. Probably few people think about it, but uploading selfies on Instagram, shopping on Amazon or reading this blog all… Read more »

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