Why venture capitalists see gold in energy management software

We all know about the global energy dilemma—by 2050 energy demand will double and so we must cut CO2 emissions by half. People understand that by hitting this target it… Read more »


Importance of Measuring Energy Use

When the monthly utility bill comes, the CFO simply sees is another bill to be paid. Energy is just another operating expense…or is it? An increasing number of international companies… Read more »

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Breconomics: Brexit and the Energy Markets

In the realm of loaded terminology, Brexit stands alone (outside of curse words and pejoratives, perhaps). Essentially non-existent only a year ago, the term given to Britain’s departure from the… Read more »

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Delivering Reliability in Financial Services and Bank Buildings

In the first few months of 2017, I have spent a considerable amount of time meeting with the banking community around the world.  In my travels, I have noticed a… Read more »

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How energy efficiency in small offices and branches leads to huge benefits for banks

Large enterprises such as major banks and other financial institutions can run vast data centers, massive office buildings and branches that consume huge amounts of energy. To keep availability up… Read more »

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The Road from Energy Budget Accuracy to Expert Planning

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there.” This well-known maxim can be traced back to George Harrison’s classic “Any Road” or maybe even to Lewis… Read more »

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