Infrastructure Management

How Advanced Analytics and Predictive Simulation Help Data Centers Enhance Performance

*September 25th update: StruxureOn was re-branded to EcoStruxure IT.   According to the Uptime Institute (an independent division of the research company 451 Group), “the market for Data Center Management… Read more »

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The Electrical Distribution System: A Ticking Time Bomb?

When was the last time you went to your building basement or to the ground floor and checked the Electrical Distribution System of your building? Or let’s start by asking,… Read more »

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DCIM’s Improvement to Workflow Processes is Key to Eliminating Data Center Challenges

Until recently, there’s been a numbing inevitability about survey results from research into the data center sector. Finding number one; all downtime is the result of human error. Finding number… Read more »

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Data Center Modernization: A Plan for How Much to Outsource

In order to remain competitive, businesses have to modernize their data centers either to reflect changing marketplace conditions or to accommodate shifting company business goals. That means aging data centers… Read more »

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Four Strategies for Modernizing Aging Buildings

Aging Facilities Part 3: Four Effective Strategies for Modernization This is the third blog in a series of four that discuss the challenges of aging buildings, including the demands of… Read more »

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Can Design Offices Challenge the Limits on the Thermal Specifications of a Project?

Can we really challenge the limits on the specifications of a project? Edwin Hubble predicted for the first time that the Universe has limits and observed that it is expanding… Read more »

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Empower People with the IIoT to Improve Asset Performance and Reliability

The majority of conversation on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has focused on machine-machine interactions and the growing intelligence of machine systems, but that is only part of the… Read more »

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How to Safely Specify Reliable Industrial UPS Battery Systems

Specifying an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery system solution involves a trade-off between cost, performance and safety. Some users place too much emphasis on cost and too little on safety…. Read more »

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3 Strategies for Addressing Healthcare Facility “Meaningful Use” Regulatory Challenges

Across the globe, governments are pressuring healthcare systems stakeholders to embrace more modern approaches to managing patients’ health information. In the US, the term “meaningful use” represents the incentive program… Read more »

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Unifying EcoStruxure™ and Azure to Optimize Processes and People

Every day, a growing number of companies are integrating smart, IoT-connected devices, gaining the potential for more data and insight – and with it, smarter decision making. But, to enable… Read more »

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Transform Big Data to Actionable Insights with Enterprise Data Management

It’s no secret that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has led to an ever-expanding explosion of big data. Most assets today are equipped with data-transmitting sensors that communicate with… Read more »

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Designing ITS Infrastructure for Migration to Smart City

It has been widely recognized that our cities will thrive with not only physical infrastructure development but also with intellectual and social infrastructure which requires the use of latest Information… Read more »


Water Use Cycle: As critical as Water Cycle itself

Water is as abundant as it is scarce! Of all the water available on earth, more than 99% is unusable by humans. Therefore, how we manage the usable part of… Read more »


What will Medium Voltage switchgear look like in the future?

The electrical industry is without doubt one of the most conservative in terms of updating technology, including medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) switchgear. Why is that? For one… Read more »

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Integration of secure power into the management system is the end goal

In a previous post, I explained why a secure power solutions provider should possess expertise which spans multiple “domains,” from information technology (IT) management to process control systems for automated… Read more »

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What are the Trade-offs with Converged Infrastructure

At CiscoLive 2014 in Milan I spoke to Alan Gerrish, Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco to find out what trade-offs customers might expect as they make a move to using converged… Read more »

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Dr. Frankenstein and Data Centers

I suppose not very many would think of data centers as being alive per se.  Maybe some of those 2nd shift facility operators might as they walk their lonely, contained… Read more »

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Internet of Things: The Next Step in the Smart Grid Evolution?

There’s been a lot of news regarding how the Internet of Things will change everything.  From products like connected thermostats to connected cars and refrigerators, it seems that the Internet… Read more »


Smart Cities: From Automation to Optimization

Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) automate the surveillance, coordination and response to events in the transportation network that disrupt the flow of traffic and impact the ability of the network to… Read more »


Secure Power Beyond the Data Center

In today’s digital world, when we think about problems around power interruptions, the systems that are top of mind for many of us are information technology (IT) systems, meaning everything… Read more »


Control corrosion to extend the life of medium voltage switchgear

Extending a medium voltage switchgear’s lifespan by making it reliable and fail-safe saves money, reduces downtime, and improves performance, but what’s the best way to do it? The intended lifespan… Read more »


Universities studying up on building data analytics

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the nation’s higher education institutions spend $14 billion annually on energy consumption—an expense that continues to rise while their budgets shrink. Universities are… Read more »


Arc Flash Standards Update: Making Sense of the Latest Requirements in the NEC, NFPA 70E, and OSHA – Webinar Thursday April 2nd

Within the last 12-18 months, there have been significant Arc Flash Mitigation requirements added to the National Electrical Code, a shift in how NFPA 70E addresses the hazard and risk… Read more »


Application needs in sectors including oil & gas set industrial UPS apart

Perhaps you’ve seen photos of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units meant for industrial environments, or have seen one up close in person. One of the first things that makes these… Read more »


How Might IoT and Data Sharing Lower Data Center Cost?

This is the last of my series of blogs based upon the workshop we ran at the Kolding Solutions Center entitled “24 Hours Putting the Internet of Things Under the… Read more »


Simplify the Data Center Planning Process with Reference Designs

It probably should go without saying that the planning phase is crucial to any data center project. But the specific planning process you use will go a long way toward… Read more »


What is Smart Grid? Distributech wants to know.

The just concluded Consumer Electronics Show was a massive showcase of cool new ways to use electricity. It is unlikely the attendees and exhibitors thought of it that way, though… Read more »


LV installation systems: access rules

In our previous post we saw that an LV Functional Panel doesn’t have just electrical Distribution functions (which are its raison d’être), but also some functions related to its Installation… Read more »


The Minority Report, The Lawn Mower and The Future of Data Center Maintenance

What would you do if you had the gift of second sight? Get the lottery numbers; maybe pick out the winner of the US Open, the horse racing or some… Read more »


Demand Response by Any Name

Would you buy a car named “Drinks Gas, Turns Wheels, Spews Fumes”? Well, maybe, if you’re an engineer; otherwise “Cobra” does a much better job firing the imagination and generating… Read more »