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What leads and drags the world are not machines, but ideas

“What leads and drags the world are not machines, but ideas”. Victor Hugo The university is the principle behind all concepts of freedom; freedom of thought and of expression. A… Read more »

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If you’re in the market for a SCADA solution, read this first

If there were frequent traveler award programs for commodities, oil and gas would win by a mile; make that, hundreds of thousands of miles. It’s interesting that oil and gas,… Read more »

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Implementing an integrated automated dispatch system to balance and optimize system resources and reliability

The challenge: Many utilities are faced with the increasing challenge of managing diverse load, demand response, distributed energy resources, generation, and variable renewables such as solar and wind power in… Read more »

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Distributech: Learn, Experiment, Do

The curtain is closed on the largest and most successful Distributech conference in its history. At last count, there were 9,823 registered attendees with an additional 400 registered for the… Read more »

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What is Smart Grid? Distributech wants to know.

The just concluded Consumer Electronics Show was a massive showcase of cool new ways to use electricity. It is unlikely the attendees and exhibitors thought of it that way, though… Read more »


Executive take: the OpEx Opportunity Remains Strong

If you’re wondering when the economy will return to high-growth in capital expenditures for building automation, data center infrastructure, and other products needed during boom times, you may be overlooking… Read more »

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Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

The devastation that we saw in areas such as Manhattan after hurricane Sandy naturally prompts lots of discussion about what went wrong and whether data center downtime directly caused by… Read more »

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Can Design Offices Challenge the Limits on the Thermal Specifications of a Project?

Can we really challenge the limits on the specifications of a project? Edwin Hubble predicted for the first time that the Universe has limits and observed that it is expanding… Read more »

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3 Strategies for Addressing Healthcare Facility “Meaningful Use” Regulatory Challenges

Across the globe, governments are pressuring healthcare systems stakeholders to embrace more modern approaches to managing patients’ health information. In the US, the term “meaningful use” represents the incentive program… Read more »

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Four Strategies for Modernizing Aging Buildings

Aging Facilities Part 3: Four Effective Strategies for Modernization This is the third blog in a series of four that discuss the challenges of aging buildings, including the demands of… Read more »

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Data Center Modernization: A Plan for How Much to Outsource

In order to remain competitive, businesses have to modernize their data centers either to reflect changing marketplace conditions or to accommodate shifting company business goals. That means aging data centers… Read more »

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How to Safely Specify Reliable Industrial UPS Battery Systems

Specifying an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery system solution involves a trade-off between cost, performance and safety. Some users place too much emphasis on cost and too little on safety…. Read more »

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DCIM’s Improvement to Workflow Processes is Key to Eliminating Data Center Challenges

Until recently, there’s been a numbing inevitability about survey results from research into the data center sector. Finding number one; all downtime is the result of human error. Finding number… Read more »

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5 questions you need to ask when dealing with aging electrical distribution equipment

Aging electrical equipment and components are not only inefficient, they’re potentially dangerous. Overheating in electrical enclosures, usually caused by loose connections and friction (due to lack of or improper lubrication) can… Read more »

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UPS Modernization: Five Questions to Ask

When Schneider Electric merged APC and MGE UPS a few years back, it allowed us to offer unique UPS modernization services to manage the full life cycle of customers’ data… Read more »

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The Fog: Direct VS Indirect Edge Computing

“Fog computing” has received an increased amount of attention in the IoT & IIoT communities. I briefly reviewed the Fog in “IoT & the Pervasive Nature of Fast Data & Apache… Read more »

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Dr. Frankenstein and Data Centers

I suppose not very many would think of data centers as being alive per se.  Maybe some of those 2nd shift facility operators might as they walk their lonely, contained… Read more »

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Nine Ways Sustainability Drives Profit

By now, most company executives recognize that sustainability must be integrated into their core strategy. Unfortunately, not many executives understand why—or, worse, they proudly wear some kind of sustainability PR… Read more »

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Designing for the Seismic Environment; Advice for Architects and MEP Design Professionals – Part 1.

Following on from my last blog where I considered earthquakes as the real weapons of mass destruction in the developing world, I wanted to offer some real world thoughts to… Read more »

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Improve Your Electrical Distribution Maintenance Strategy

Electrical distribution equipment maintenance is crucial to safe, cost-effective operations. There are five major benefits to properly maintaining equipment: Protect personnel, assets, and your business Maximize uptime through preventive maintenance… Read more »

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The Year Ahead in Enterprise APM

In 2016 we saw the Enterprise APM market continue to evolve. In a tough economic year, more and more organizations leveraged the IIoT to maximize their economic return on assets,… Read more »

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