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Lagerfeld Makes Data Center the Ultimate Chanel Fashion Accessory

The renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld raised eyebrows during Paris Fashion Week when he turned the catwalk into a data center to showcase the latest offering from the House of… Read more »

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A New Era of Meaningful Opportunities: The Future of IoT

In my recent blog post I explored the concept how to innovate with efficiency and agility. Every business wants to be “innovative.” But it takes more than new ideas or… Read more »

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4 Last-minute Tips in Preparation for Hurricane Matthew

As I write this post, Hurricane Matthew is bearing down on the Florida coast, scheduled to hit Cape Canaveral about 8 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 7, and Jacksonville about 12… Read more »

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4 Questions to Ask when Selecting a Modular 3-Phase UPS

In the last few years I’ve noticed confusion cropping up about what the term “modular” really means when it comes to a 3-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS). By my count,… Read more »

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Cloud and the IoT Present Ripe Opportunities for Colocation Providers

Given the opportunity that trends including cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) present, I’m not sure there’s ever been a better time to be in the colocation service… Read more »

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Simplify the Data Center Planning Process with Reference Designs

It probably should go without saying that the planning phase is crucial to any data center project. But the specific planning process you use will go a long way toward… Read more »


Critical Systems Protection in Healthcare: Your Guide to Risk Assessment

Power outage — two words that either keep or wake facilities managers up at night. Rather than tossing and turning or turning over disaster scenarios in your mind, prepare for… Read more »

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Putting a New Face on the Industrial UPS Market: Faster Delivery, Lower Cost, Smaller Footprint

An order we recently took from a longtime customer illustrates the challenges that users of industrial UPSs often face. The customer, a refinery based in Turkey, was looking to replace… Read more »

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6 Industries on the Verge of IIoT Disruption

By 2030, the Industrial Internet could drive $7.1 trillion in incremental revenue in the U.S. alone, with China, Germany and the UK each poised to reap their own 12- and… Read more »

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Securing Power and Control: Solutions

As stated in my previous post, the threat of cyber-attacks on power and control systems is growing.  One factor is the wider proliferation of attack tools and techniques.  Aging power… Read more »

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How to attract new (and skilled) professionals to the mining and metals industry

In many industries, the aging workforce combined with the lack of qualified new professionals arriving to those industries has become a major problem. Some studies believe that the gap between… Read more »


Two Shades of Grey – in the Data Center

We live in a very colorful world.  However, when you step into the electrical equipment room in most data centers, you usually find one dominant color: grey. To be more… Read more »

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The Side Benefits of DCIM; How Energy Management Averted a Data Center Cooling Crisis

I thought that you might be interested in a real life data center situation that recently arose here in China. We’d been approached by a customer who wanted to lower… Read more »


Secure Power Beyond the Data Center

In today’s digital world, when we think about problems around power interruptions, the systems that are top of mind for many of us are information technology (IT) systems, meaning everything… Read more »


In Advance of Hurricane Season, It’s Time to Conduct a UPS Checkup

According to the National Weather Service, hurricane season begins on May 15 for the Pacific and on June 1 for the Atlantic – mere weeks away. Given the various weather… Read more »

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Tips to Maximize the Life Expectancy of Your UPS System

UPS batteries have a forecasted lifespan of 3 to 5 years under recommended conditions. But what are these recommended conditions, and just how much do they affect the lifespan of… Read more »


LIVE EVENT: Exploring ‘The Next Age’ at the 2014 Influencer Summit

This is Marc Gunther, a guest blogger for the day for Schneider. Below is my live blog  from the Schneider Influencer Summit, a gathering of company executives, industry analysts, financial… Read more »

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Data Center Lifecycle Principles: Part 2 of 2 – Continuous Improvement

As examined in my last post, a key principle in the lifecycle approach to data centers is to design facilities with change in mind. However, once a data center is… Read more »

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Automotive Firm Gets on the Fast Track with Prefabricated Modular Data Center

In just about any business today, time to market is of the essence. Companies want to get new products out the door quickly so they can start generating revenue and… Read more »

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Harmonizing Global Metrics for Data Center Energy Efficiency

A pivotal tool of modern business and government is the advanced data center.  You want the data center to be advanced, to have capabilities to deliver all the tools of… Read more »

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Partnering Up to Deliver Smart Building Technology and Lower Your Energy Bills

A few months ago, I took a trip to Las Vegas with my wife. After checking in to the hotel, we went to our room and as soon as we… Read more »


Digitization, connectivity and internet Balloons

The development of any nation now strongly depends upon how the information resources of the world can be made available to a larger population through access to the Internet. Developing… Read more »


Internet of Things: The Next Step in the Smart Grid Evolution?

There’s been a lot of news regarding how the Internet of Things will change everything.  From products like connected thermostats to connected cars and refrigerators, it seems that the Internet… Read more »


The Digital Transformation Has Arrived

The digital transformation is here. There will be over 2 billion smartphones on the planet next year. Every minute, 72 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. Over 1.5 trillion… Read more »


DCIM’s Role In Meeting Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) Compliance

The expression “time flies” evolved from the writings of an ancient Roman poet, but it rings truer than ever in the context of today’s 24/7 connected world. Put the phrase… Read more »


IoT: it’s transforming our partners’ business model

The value of IoT connectivity Let’s talk about IoT! The vast amount of data that will be made available from connected objects, systems and other digital methods is valuable in… Read more »


Matriculating Healthcare Team members into Healthcare Facilities Directors

Matriculating Healthcare Team members into Healthcare Facilities Directors. How do you fill that gap? There is no doubt the past 20 years has seen several orders of change when it… Read more »


Trends and Benefits of Cloud Based BPM Software

With so much investment riding on the cloud, most major stakeholders are quick to adopt applications and services on demand – essentially the provisioning of dynamically scalable and virtualized resources… Read more »


Data Center Predictions for 2017, from the Critical Edge to the Promise of Li-ion

Last year was certainly an interesting year in the data center world, as we saw the ripple effects of the seemingly insatiable demand for cloud computing, emergence of edge computing, and growing… Read more »


Building and Financial Considerations When Selecting a Data Center Site

Last month I wrote about the importance of data center site selection, which was top of mind in the wake of October’s Hurricane Sandy. Since then we’ve been hit with… Read more »