Oil and Gas

If you’re in the market for a SCADA solution, read this first

If there were frequent traveler award programs for commodities, oil and gas would win by a mile; make that, hundreds of thousands of miles. It’s interesting that oil and gas,… Read more »

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Consumer Behavior and US Gasoline Demand

Another US oil refinery suffering losses has shuttered operations, with Hess Corp. officially closing its Port Reading refinery in NJ on February 26. There are a host of reasons for… Read more »

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100 years of catastrophic accidents leads to a safer Process Industry

So much to be learned from taking a look at the history of “safety standards”… In the last 100 years many catastrophic accidents have occurred in process industry around the world: Bhopal India… Read more »


Operational Risks Justify Oil & Gas Business Continuity Planning

Most of today’s leading oil and gas companies can attribute much of their success to properly insulating themselves from business interruption risk. These companies strive to convert effective risk management… Read more »

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5 questions you need to ask when dealing with aging electrical distribution equipment

Aging electrical equipment and components are not only inefficient, they’re potentially dangerous. Overheating in electrical enclosures, usually caused by loose connections and friction (due to lack of or improper lubrication) can… Read more »

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3 Steps to Optimizing Your APM Strategy

When a global industrial company wanted to optimize asset performance and reliability, they started with an Asset Performance Management (APM) Assessment. The APM Assessment enabled the manufacturer to use actual… Read more »

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Forecasts Predict Increase in Cold Weather and Fuel Usage

The United States is sitting pretty with an abundant supply of crude oil and low prices at the pump. And after last winter’s above average temperatures, the inventory of heating… Read more »

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The Innovation Game in Which Industry Scores Big: Part 2

Part 2: The wonder of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Last week, I mentioned that Schneider Electric’s open innovation playing field is not unlike soccer – a sport I loved… Read more »

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How Digitalization of Process Design and Operations boosts Profitability in Ethylene production

Despite the disruption in oil and natural gas production due to Hurricane Harvey in some of the affected areas and the increased geo-political tension in Asia recently, the oil price… Read more »

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