Power Management

How big are Power line losses?

Electricity has to be transmitted from large power plants to the consumers via extensive networks. The transmission over long distances creates power losses. The major part of the energy losses comes… Read more »


Stability is a Stress Free Word

“Stability” is a stress-free word. This is especially true for anyone involved in managing the power grid at any level. This includes medium voltage network operators, who like their systems… Read more »

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How to illustrate "Reactive Power"?

In an electrical circuit, the active power P is the real power transmitted to loads such as motors, lamps, heaters, computers … The electrical active power is converted into mechanical… Read more »

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How to choose the right surge protector?

  Choosing the right surge arrester and protective circuit breakers involves a considering a wide range of parameters related to types of surge protection devices, circuit breaker arrangements and risk… Read more »


Finally, an opportunity to clean up global ports and make them more profitable

Adventures in the high seas are awe-inspiring. Uncontrollable natural forces, exciting discoveries, and great obstacles created by winds and beasts make for attention-grabbing tales. But, in the real-world, too much… Read more »

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There is no TEAM in SMART GRID. Five E’s can change that.

During my college years, I earned money selling encyclopedias door-to-door. Did pretty well, too; so well that a competitor offered me a job representing a far more familiar brand. This… Read more »


Energy Efficiency Starts From Me

We are all concerned with Energy, or rather the increasing lack of it. Demand for energy is already outstripping supply and growth of demand is faster than the growth of… Read more »

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Did you know that it is possible to save CO2 by connecting capacitors to the electrical networks?

By improving the power factor in an electrical circuit, capacitors can directly curb CO2 emissions. It’s a fact. If you connect capacitor banks to your electrical network you save energy and reduce… Read more »


5 Ideas to make your House Smarter

You probably already have a Smart-phone, and thinking about buying a Smart-TV while you read an article about Smart Cities… go further, and make your house a Smart-home! No worries,… Read more »


Implementing an integrated automated dispatch system to balance and optimize system resources and reliability

The challenge: Many utilities are faced with the increasing challenge of managing diverse load, demand response, distributed energy resources, generation, and variable renewables such as solar and wind power in… Read more »

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A BEMS Benefit: HVAC and Electrical Cooperation

In my last post, I talked about how software and BEMS can make a building more comfortable and its occupants more productive. Here I’m going to discuss how a building… Read more »

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Process safety management: eliminating plant safety uncertainty

If you’re working in the industrial world, you know that process safety is always a high priority, with occupational safety helping protect personnel, and functional safety helping avoid large-scale disasters…. Read more »

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Bloomberg Forecasts Li-ion Batteries are Poised for Big Gains in Data Center UPS Systems

The word is out and data center owners are getting the message: Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries bring big benefits to data center back-up systems, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), most notably… Read more »

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Now, a safer way to perform medium voltage (MV) switchgear grounding

National Safety Council statistics show that electrical accidents kill 75 to 100 persons and injure another 750 to 1,000 per year in the United States alone. Many of these accidents… Read more »

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British Airways IT Outage Highlights Need for Power Monitoring and Mitigation

I’m sure by now that most everyone is aware of the major IT outage at British Airways. As reported by The Telegraph soon after the event, the outage “led to… Read more »

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Learn Five Ways Meters Mean Money for You

Want to save money? Check  ✓ Want to avoid risks? Check  ✓ One easy way to check items off your ever-growing facility management to-do list is with power and energy… Read more »

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Electrical Switchboard Manufacturing: Preparation Before Assembly

Careful evaluation before actual construction begins can avoid surprise problems later in the process. Building a switchboard should be a thoroughly planned activity. There are four main points that should… Read more »

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With ClimaSys DT, System Integrators Keep Their Cool

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as the saying goes. That is almost always true. On the other hand, the reliability of each individual piece of… Read more »

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5 Harmonic Mitigation Methods That Help Keep Costs Down and Production Running

If you’re running an industrial process of any kind, you can’t afford any downtime. Every minute a production line is down is costing you money, and that’s eating into your… Read more »

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How to make your building —whether existing or new construction—net-zero energy

Buildings presently account for approximately 40% of the world’s energy consumption, and that figure is on the rise. Experts project that energy consumption in buildings will increase substantially in the… Read more »

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Photovoltaic equipment safety: Always err on the side of caution!

Ensuring the safety of your solar energy equipment can be complex. You have to address issues like PV panels comprising several energy sources, direct current, and the fact that equipment… Read more »

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Arming your Smart Utility for the Future

In a recent post I covered the new and increasing challenges presented by Distributed Generation (DG), Energy Storage (ES), Distributed Energy Resources (DER), and microgrids, as well as the benefits… Read more »

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Why Today’s Robots Are Boring

For decades, robots have been cool. Sony’s robotic dog called Aibo would let people experience animal companionship without the mess. Honda had a small humanoid robot called Asimo. Say “Danger,… Read more »

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Industrial Big Data, IoT, Mobility and More at the 2015 Software User Conference

If you’ve been reading my blog posts over the past several months, you’ve probably realized that I write a lot about predictive analytics. The truth is though, that the Schneider… Read more »

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Achieve Operational Excellence with Enterprise Asset Performance Management

Organizations today are focused on improving efficiency throughout every area of the business. From an asset management perspective, they’re leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things and analytics to keep equipment… Read more »

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Edge Computing Helps Colocation Provider Internap Meet Customers’ Latency and Agility Requirements

As a colocation provider, Internap has to be able to meet the needs of its customers quickly and consistently. More and more, those customers are looking for data centers that… Read more »

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Understanding the IEC 61557-12 Standard That Makes Meter Comparisons Easier-Part 1

Digital Power Metering and monitoring Devices (PMDs) are fast replacing analog equipment, providing more accurate measurements and enabling remote data access. But specifying these devices could become problematic without common… Read more »

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A Cold Answer to High and Stringent Cooling Demands

Control panels house the electronics and computer brains of a system. That makes them critical to success of a production line and in other industrial settings. However, their installation requirements… Read more »

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Methods that Facilitate Oil & Gas Power & Process Management Systems Convergence

In our previous post Why Oil & Gas Companies are Driving Towards Convergence of Power & Process Management Systems, we mentioned that recent Oil & Gas industry initiatives that integrate process &… Read more »

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Hospital Fitness at the 2014 ASHE Annual Conference

Every year, the ASHE Annual Conference is “the event” for healthcare engineers to learn, network, and scope out new products and solutions that might benefit their hospitals. This year is… Read more »

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