Power Management

How to illustrate "Reactive Power"?

In an electrical circuit, the active power P is the real power transmitted to loads such as motors, lamps, heaters, computers … The electrical active power is converted into mechanical… Read more »

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How to choose the right surge protector?

  Choosing the right surge arrester and protective circuit breakers involves a considering a wide range of parameters related to types of surge protection devices, circuit breaker arrangements and risk… Read more »


Finally, an opportunity to clean up global ports and make them more profitable

Adventures in the high seas are awe-inspiring. Uncontrollable natural forces, exciting discoveries, and great obstacles created by winds and beasts make for attention-grabbing tales. But, in the real-world, too much… Read more »

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There is no TEAM in SMART GRID. Five E’s can change that.

During my college years, I earned money selling encyclopedias door-to-door. Did pretty well, too; so well that a competitor offered me a job representing a far more familiar brand. This… Read more »


Energy Efficiency Starts From Me

We are all concerned with Energy, or rather the increasing lack of it. Demand for energy is already outstripping supply and growth of demand is faster than the growth of… Read more »

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Did you know that it is possible to save CO2 by connecting capacitors to the electrical networks?

By improving the power factor in an electrical circuit, capacitors can directly curb CO2 emissions. It’s a fact. If you connect capacitor banks to your electrical network you save energy and reduce… Read more »


5 Ideas to make your House Smarter

You probably already have a Smart-phone, and thinking about buying a Smart-TV while you read an article about Smart Cities… go further, and make your house a Smart-home! No worries,… Read more »


Implementing an integrated automated dispatch system to balance and optimize system resources and reliability

The challenge: Many utilities are faced with the increasing challenge of managing diverse load, demand response, distributed energy resources, generation, and variable renewables such as solar and wind power in… Read more »

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The self-sufficient wastewater treatment plant

Today we know that the self-sufficient biological treatment plant is on the horizon. There are many options available to those who need to optimize their treatment plants, but for now I will… Read more »


Why do you need to comply with ISO50001?

The International Standards Organization is probably most famous for ISO9001, which defines Industrial Quality Management standards, and ISO14001, which is central to Environmental Management Systems. Sure, you can build a… Read more »


5 Harmonic Mitigation Methods That Help Keep Costs Down and Production Running

If you’re running an industrial process of any kind, you can’t afford any downtime. Every minute a production line is down is costing you money, and that’s eating into your… Read more »

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With ClimaSys DT, System Integrators Keep Their Cool

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as the saying goes. That is almost always true. On the other hand, the reliability of each individual piece of… Read more »

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5 Ways to Fight Back Against Power Outages

Most of the time, the electrical power in your building or factory keeps on flowing. The lights stay on, computers keep working, production lines or processes keep running. Occasionally, you… Read more »

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Worried about the reliability of your ageing LV or MV networks – read on to discover your options

Do you have a strategy for modernising or replacing your aging LV and MV electrical switchgear? A reliable, safe, easily maintainable power network is more crucial than ever because downtime… Read more »

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Electrical Switchboard Manufacturing: Quality Control for a Panel Builder

Checking your work thoroughly throughout the process ensures correct functionality and avoids customer problems. Image 1 illustrates many of the key concepts when we talk about industrial quality. It explains… Read more »

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A Cold Answer to High and Stringent Cooling Demands

Control panels house the electronics and computer brains of a system. That makes them critical to success of a production line and in other industrial settings. However, their installation requirements… Read more »

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Gradually Raising the Safety Levels of Existing Residential Buildings

This is the final post of a three-part series addressing electrical safety non-compliance in older residential dwellings. In the first two posts, we looked at the high number of risks… Read more »

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NFPA 70E Changes: Reducing Risk for the Electrical Worker – Absence of Voltage

If you were not aware, the 2018 edition of NFPA70E will soon be released for publication.  There have been many enhancements, including changes to Article 120 involving lockout/tagout and absence… Read more »

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How an EcoXpert Ensures the Maintenance and Continuity of Service

The cost versus efficiency challenge Nowadays, building management is highly challenged by cost optimization and efficiency at all levels. It has become necessary to optimise the CAPEX, by increasing the… Read more »

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Metal-clad Switchgear: The Industry’s Medium Voltage Workhorse

Why has metal-clad switchgear remained the industry’s go-to switchgear for medium voltage applications? There are three key drivers that make metal-clad the dominant choice: 1) customization capabilities, 2) ease of… Read more »

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Save More Energy by Turning Off Power Receptacles

Did you know that next to lighting, plug load equipment is the highest consumer of electrical power in a building? And plug load consumption continues to grow as more electronic… Read more »

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What Keeps Facilities Managers up at Night: And How You Can Avoid Counting Sheep Yourself

When we talk to facility managers and C-level site managers, we always try to understand what their pain points are and see how we might be able to help. What’s… Read more »

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A Data Center Architecture Hack, Inspired by and Encompassing the Open Compute Project

When I first heard the term “hacking” from folks at the Open Compute Project (OCP), I was a little confused – what does that mean, “hacking”? Is it some play… Read more »

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Remote maintenance: Early diagnosis of problems without breaking your travel budget

Wouldn’t it be nice to fix an equipment problem without having to dispatch field personnel to faraway remote locations? Thanks to recent advances in technology, the concept of remote maintenance… Read more »

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The alarming state of electrical safety in many existing residential buildings

This is the first post in a 3-part blog series looking at the high level of electrical risks present in many older residential buildings, including a proposed strategy for gradually… Read more »

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How new power distribution apps and services find risk and savings

This is the fourth in this blog post series, looking at how innovations in power distribution are helping facility teams take full advantage of trends in energy decarbonization, decentralization, and… Read more »

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Capillary information: where ordinary systems fear to tread

“Capillary data acquisition.” Quite a mouthful, I admit. But the concept of “capillarity” is nothing new in botany or biology. And applied to information management, it’s apt. Why? Because “capillarity”… Read more »

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Product reliability earns long-time customer – Captain Ed Potter

If anyone knows about the importance of having reliable power equipment, it’d be a guy like Ed Potter, a 30-year former employee of IBM, a licensed pilot, and a resident… Read more »

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What does it mean, technically and economically speaking, to switch from rotary to static frequency conversion?

For naval ports and vessels, shore connection solutions have been around for decades. Depending on technical specifications and/or performance requirements, port managers have to make the right choices at engineering,… Read more »

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CFOs, the change agents for energy management

Rising energy costs are a critical concern for executives across all sectors and implementing energy efficiency initiatives is now one of the core corporate strategies across industries today. For CFOs… Read more »

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