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The central control room in 5 basic disciplines

A central control room is the dream of any intensive operation: The desire to have in a single location,  several remote operations and the ability to take business decisions. But… Read more »


How mobility, big data, and social media impact the mining and metals industry

I’ve always liked to write articles about trends and their applications in the heavy / process industries. Most of the time, I’ve focused on trends related to automation, process control,… Read more »

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Learn how to Limit Your Risk of a Data Center Fire

You’ll see a fair amount of coverage on this blog and elsewhere about natural disasters that can disrupt power and generally wreak havoc on a data center. But we don’t… Read more »


How can an integrated healthcare infrastructure improve patient safety?

The statistics are staggering: According the World Health Organization, 1 in 10 patients is harmed while receiving care in even the most advanced hospitals. The National Center for Missing and… Read more »

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Security Systems ROI: the Data Center Perspective

The growing concern about data breaches and theft of intellectual property has elevated the need for security of data centers around the globe, but at the same time, the long… Read more »

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For Security Systems, 99% Availability May Be No Where Near Good Enough

When you think about the applications that your business needs to be continually available, most likely systems like transaction processing and, these days, even email come to mind. They are… Read more »

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IHSSF Weapons Survey – Summary

Given an increase in violence in the hospital setting and continued attention on hospital security programs, the International Healthcare Security and Safety Foundation (IHSSF) recently completed a research project examining… Read more »

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Cyber Security for Pipeline Management Solutions in the Digital Era

Safety and reliability of Pipeline Management Systems are paramount and have to be the top priority of all hours, every day. However, as the Oil and Gas sector develops with… Read more »

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Taking a Holistic Approach to Cyber Security for Pipeline Management Systems

As explained in my previous post about Cyber Security for pipeline management solutions,  security measures should always span an entire organization to be fully effective. OT, IT and physical assets… Read more »

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Lessons in Cyber Security for Oil Pipelines

Pipeline security is an increasingly complex issue. Big Data and the Internet of Things offer new opportunities for accuracy and efficiency. These, paired with converging infrastructure and multiservice use cases,… Read more »

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Trifork’s Five Step Approach for Successful Application Development in the IoT Age

If you follow this blog, you might have seen that I was recently involved in running a 24-hour workshop to get to grips with that thing we call the Internet… Read more »

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Security lessons learned from Boston’s hospitals

The International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) gathered in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on May 4th through May 8th for their 45th Annual General Meeting and Conference with… Read more »

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A new security precedent fit for a president

A few days ago Omar Gonzalez managed to scale the 8-foot perimeter fence that surrounds 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. For those of you who might not recognize that address – that… Read more »

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Mobile Notifications Simplify Multi-Site Security Management

Facility managers and security operations staff are often bombarded with calls for from multiple tenants, across several sites, but traditionally they had no insight or control on the spot.  Now… Read more »

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Business Process Management for Transportation Operations: Part 2

This is Part 2 of a two-part blog on the application of business process management (BPM) for transportation operations for the Smart City.  In Part 1, we identified the transportation… Read more »

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