Questions about Smart Cities? Then VERGE Cities 2.0 is the event for you!

I’m really excited about the VERGE / GreenBiz virtual event scheduled for next Wednesday, July 18 at 8:30 am PST. Municipalities have the challenge of delivering growth, whilst making their… Read more »

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Raise your hand if you like energy prosperity

“The power just went out and I didn’t save that last document!” Does this sound familiar?  We live in a world that is increasingly reliant on energy – global electricity… Read more »

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Go Green in the City

For the second year in a row, I have had the pleasure to be a part of Go Green in the City, an international case challenge for university students. Last… Read more »


Earth Rangers Energy Management Information System Demo

Below is a recording from Andy Schonberger’s, of Earth Rangers, presentation from CiscoLive US! 2012, June 13th 2012.   Ashley Baker on Google+

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Role of Stakeholders in the Development of Green Buildings Market in India

In this second installment of our three part series, we will discuss the role of different stakeholders in the development of the market for green buildings in India. Certain banks… Read more »


The Living Building Challenge – Moonshot or Mainstream?

I believe in moonshots. Super-stretch goals. Bigger Games and BHAGS.  That’s why the Living Building Challenge caught my attention a few years ago – because it has the power to… Read more »

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What is the Square Footage per Accredited Professional for your Green Building Rating System?

In this three part series, the Energy Efficiency Influence Team at Schneider Electric India will discuss possible bottlenecks impacting the growth of the green building market in India. In the… Read more »


Energy University—Free Education!

  Looking for ways to improve energy efficiency measures in your organization or building? Need to do this without substantial cost increases? If so, you should explore Energy University, a… Read more »

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Should you focus on phantom power losses?

The other day I was talking to an administrator who is quite concerned about the energy waste across the college campus he manages. The example he kept going back to… Read more »


Should we abolish Earth Day? That’s absurd.

I was sitting in a conference room last week discussing our upcoming blog topics, and I was asked if I could write a blog entry on Earth Day or Earth… Read more »

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Paris COP-21: The Time to Commit and Act has Come!

The COP-20, and its “Lima Call for Climate Action” joint declaration, left mixed feelings on me. On one hand, it kept the goal of limiting global warming to less than… Read more »

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Technology is great, but it all comes down to people

We all know that energy efficiency is the fastest, cheapest, and cleanest way to tackle our energy dilemma and that the technology exists today to identify and realize these efficiencies. … Read more »

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CRN Awards 5 Stars to Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Partner Program!

Winning a 5-star accreditation in the 2017 CRN Partner Program Guide is a true honor. It’s been nearly seven years since Schneider Electric launched the EcoXpert™ Partner Program, which is designed… Read more »

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How Hybrid Cars Point the Way to Increased Data Center Cooling Efficiency

At a base level, hybrid cars get excellent fuel mileage for a simple reason: they don’t use the gasoline engine all the time. But in reality, the reason runs deeper… Read more »


What I learned From an Access to Energy Program with a Gender Lens in Brazil

When we dive into the access to energy world some startling statistics shine bright all over us: 1.1 billion people with no access to energy; 2.6 billion with no clean… Read more »

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Earth Day 2012

Earth Day 2012 is this upcoming Sunday April 22nd, and I am celebrating it with two activities here in Dallas. The first is Earth Day Dallas. The planning committee is hoping… Read more »

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Energy Management with Integrated Decision-Making

Activate an Efficient & Sustainable Future The days of a procurement officer working alone to sign long-term energy contracts are drawing to a close. Same with an operations manager deciding… Read more »

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Mobile Storage in Industrial Automation Applications

In our modern life style we are using different kinds of mobile storage to cover our daily needs during trips between home and work, university, gym, business travels, vacations, etc.  For instance,… Read more »


COP-21: Life as We Know it Will Change

Whether you like it or not. With subsidies or not. Your life will change. Let me start telling you that an increasing part of your budget will be used to… Read more »

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The Future is Active

As the demand for energy grows and energy becomes more digitized, decentralized and decarbonized, leading companies are changing how electricity, natural gas and other resources are bought and sold, consumed… Read more »

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Enterprise Energy and Sustainability: An Attainable Gooooaaaaal?

OK, I admit I still have Brazil and World Cup Soccer on my mind. But even with energy and sustainability being quite the rage in the era of big energy… Read more »

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These women are ruling the corporate sector & breaking the glass ceiling

It’s hard to define the various roles anchored by women over the years. It’s even harder to quantify the impact they make – as part of a family, as game changers in society,… Read more »

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When Going Green, Consider Contactors

CO2 may be invisible but its impact isn’t. Countries around the world have signed up to cut emissions of it and other greenhouse gases by nearly a third within 10… Read more »

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Boost Sustainability with a Service-Based Approach to Asset Performance Management

Successful power distribution asset management is vital for all electro-sensitive and electro-intensive industries. And companies are now under more pressure than ever to manage these assets sustainably. While different industries’… Read more »

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Muskets, Crossbows and CEOs: How energy can change the face of corporate warfare

In the 18th century, warfare was changed forever. Out were the romantic knights with armor and lances, and in were muskets, artillery and infantrymen. Armies now used gunpowder as an… Read more »

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Achieving Business Competitiveness Through Energy Management

What is Energy Management? The response to this question will depend on whether you ask an energy policy maker, a plant head of a large manufacturing facility, an Architecture/Engineering/Construction professional,… Read more »

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Addressing Climate Change Takes Big, Bold Steps – And We’re Starting to See Them

Earlier this month I hosted a panel discussion in Boston at a meeting of the New England chapter of ASAP, the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, on the topic of, “Sustainable… Read more »

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Big Data Is Good But Coherent Data is Better

The term “big data” is all the rage these days and there is little question that organizations of all stripes do indeed have lots of data to deal with. But… Read more »

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Video: Behind the Scenes of Energy University

In a previous post, I discussed how Schneider Electric’s free online education program, Energy University was recently recognized with the prestigious Sustainable Energy Europe Award, presented during the 2014 EU… Read more »

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Survey says? Higher Education Facility Leaders want Energy Efficiency

Aging infrastructure, rising energy costs and reduced budgets are major issues affecting facilities across a multitude of industries. The higher education market is especially impacted as shrinking funding and valuable… Read more »

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