I Work in a Green Building

As a member of Schneider Electric’s Green Buildings team (and an active member in my local USGBC chapter), I try to exemplify sustainable practices in my professional and personal life…. Read more »

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How Collaboration Can Make Buildings Greener and Better

Collaboration has always been part of my DNA, from my early days as big sister; gathering the cousins around my brand new cassette tape recorder in Grandma’s bedroom on Christmas day… Read more »

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I Heart Green Buildings

The Twitterverse has been abuzz today with heart day topics from “How Sustainable is Your Valentine’s Day Candy?” and a Harvard Business Review “Ode to Leadership and Love.” In honor of… Read more »

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Sustainable Celebrations

I look forward to celebrations—like birthday parties and the Super Bowl, and this week’s blog will combine my love for a good party with my passion for sustainability. My friends… Read more »


An energy bill that Congress can and should pass – The Hill's Congress Blog

An energy bill that Congress can and should pass – The Hill’s Congress Blog. Excellent article by our North American CEO, Chris Curtis.  Worth the full read to get the… Read more »

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A Different Perspective: This is Beautiful

I was at a recent internal Schneider Electric event with leaders and colleagues from around the world. Typically, I like to think of myself as someone who has a wide… Read more »


Schneider Electric Wins Gigaton Award

As we all turn our calendars over to a new year, the motion picture industry’s award season is about to pick up momentum. Soon, media outlets will be inundated with… Read more »

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A New Year’s Reflection (and some musings on a smarter greener future)

Thanks for stopping by…. and happy 2012.  Here you will find a myriad of thoughts and ideas from just a few of the committed, smart people working for Schneider Electric… Read more »

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How Hybrid Cars Point the Way to Increased Data Center Cooling Efficiency

At a base level, hybrid cars get excellent fuel mileage for a simple reason: they don’t use the gasoline engine all the time. But in reality, the reason runs deeper… Read more »


Implementing a tiered methodology for pipeline integrity significantly improves business’ chances of preventing leaks

With pipeline operators facing increased scrutiny as of late, the conversation must shift to pipeline integrity. Pipeline integrity encompasses three methods: prevention, detection, and mitigation, which together minimize the chances… Read more »

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Category 6A Cabling: Benefits for Hospital Stakeholders

Guest Author: Francois Durand, Product Application Engineer, Network Connectivity Throughout this series we’ve discussed how technology has dramatically transformed the healthcare industry for the better. Healthcare facilities all over the… Read more »


With ClimaSys DT, System Integrators Keep Their Cool

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as the saying goes. That is almost always true. On the other hand, the reliability of each individual piece of… Read more »

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The Known Unknowns: Managing Between On-Premise, Cloud and Colocation Data Centers

The data center industry is in a state of flux as stakeholders search for the optimum model of high performance/low cost data centers. “On premise” data centers now jockey with… Read more »

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The Science of Setting Climate Targets

Forward-thinking companies are leading the way to a low-carbon future by setting targets aligned with climate science. A guide to get started. A sea change is underway. More than 75… Read more »

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Modernize or Outsource: Evaluating the Options for your Data Center

Although executives often use terms like “life blood” and “mission critical” to describe their in-house data centers, a striking number of these data centers are encountering performance issues and require… Read more »

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How we are reusing products to move toward a circular approach

When a manufacturer like Schneider Electric makes a corporate commitment to support a circular economy, as we described in an earlier post, it’s a very good thing. However, working out… Read more »

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INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Reasons your Company needs a Sustainability Strategy

What does your Growth, Profitability, Costs, Shareholders, Competition, Customers and Stock Performance have in common? They are ALL affected by your Sustainability Strategy! Interested in learning more?  Visit our Building… Read more »

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Retail Energy Management: The $3 Billion Opportunity

Schneider Electric’s new white paper describes the enormous opportunity for retailers to reduce costs through energy management.  A few key points from the paper are summarized below, and for more information, read… Read more »

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More Energy Projects in the Southern U.S. Despite New Watchdog Report

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) recently released its 2014 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard and states in the southern U.S. again fall near the bottom of the list…. Read more »

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From Energy Enthusiast to Energy Expert

Have you ever approached a learning curve so steep it felt more like a mountain?  Whether you are a facility manager being asked to develop energy programs for the first… Read more »

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24 Hours Putting the Internet of Things Under the Microscope

Phil Baxter, the UK boss of Autodesk, had a group of people to sanity check his ideas and provide data points to demonstrate where he might be going off the… Read more »

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On the Way to the Smart Medium Voltage Cubicle

Electronics combined with information and communications technology (ITC) are permeating our everyday life more and more. Cars, planes and phones have them. Refrigerators have them. Even our clothes now have… Read more »

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Decarbonization: Why utilities must focus on people

Utilities are deeply involved in the fight against climate change. Regulations at both a global and country level impel companies to combat it by significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Utilities’… Read more »

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How Your Smartphone Can Monitor Your Data Center and Your Black Friday Bargains this Thanksgiving

The holiday period traditionally brings with it some winners and some losers. Last year for example, the holiday retail sales battle was arguably lost by physical stores. According to a… Read more »

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