How Collaboration Can Make Buildings Greener and Better

Collaboration has always been part of my DNA, from my early days as big sister; gathering the cousins around my brand new cassette tape recorder in Grandma’s bedroom on Christmas day… Read more »

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I Heart Green Buildings

The Twitterverse has been abuzz today with heart day topics from “How Sustainable is Your Valentine’s Day Candy?” and a Harvard Business Review “Ode to Leadership and Love.” In honor of… Read more »

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Sustainable Celebrations

I look forward to celebrations—like birthday parties and the Super Bowl, and this week’s blog will combine my love for a good party with my passion for sustainability. My friends… Read more »


An energy bill that Congress can and should pass – The Hill's Congress Blog

An energy bill that Congress can and should pass – The Hill’s Congress Blog. Excellent article by our North American CEO, Chris Curtis.  Worth the full read to get the… Read more »

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A Different Perspective: This is Beautiful

I was at a recent internal Schneider Electric event with leaders and colleagues from around the world. Typically, I like to think of myself as someone who has a wide… Read more »


Schneider Electric Wins Gigaton Award

As we all turn our calendars over to a new year, the motion picture industry’s award season is about to pick up momentum. Soon, media outlets will be inundated with… Read more »

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A New Year’s Reflection (and some musings on a smarter greener future)

Thanks for stopping by…. and happy 2012.  Here you will find a myriad of thoughts and ideas from just a few of the committed, smart people working for Schneider Electric… Read more »

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What Smart Modernized Buildings Look Like

Aging Facilities Part 4: The Benefits of Modernization This is the final blog in a series of four that discuss the challenges of aging buildings, including the demands of today’s… Read more »

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The Science of Setting Climate Targets

Forward-thinking companies are leading the way to a low-carbon future by setting targets aligned with climate science. A guide to get started. A sea change is underway. More than 75… Read more »

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How we Recycled a Production Facility into a Refurbishment and Remanufacturing Hub

Our previous post explained how focused recycling loops enable us to apply a circular-economy approach to our switchgear manufacturing operations. In this post, we discuss how three more of the… Read more »

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Harnessing Hidden Revenue from Energy Spend

Enterprises the world over today are on the lookout for ways to reduce energy expenditure and at the same time for solutions to enable energy efficiency, monetary savings and operational… Read more »

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How we are reusing products to move toward a circular approach

When a manufacturer like Schneider Electric makes a corporate commitment to support a circular economy, as we described in an earlier post, it’s a very good thing. However, working out… Read more »

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Moorfields Eye Hospital: Improving Facility Visibility with EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare

Moorfields Eye Hospital was founded in 1805, and today is the oldest ophthalmic hospital in Europe. This world-class hospital supports a staff of 2,300 people, and thousands of patients each… Read more »

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How thinking in terms of a circular economy gives new life to an old option

In previous posts we discussed the need for both manufacturers and customers to change the way we make and use products to a circular approach – based on repairing, reusing,… Read more »

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Paving the Path – Why We Need to Focus on Implementing Energy Efficiency Standards Now

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Standards Council of Canada’s (SCC) World Standards Day celebration, an event that focused on the importance of standards-related activities and honored… Read more »

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Congrats to The Green Grid – a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate in Sustainability

Regular readers of this blog may have picked up on the fact that Schneider Electric is a big supporter of The Green Grid, a global consortium dedicated to promoting resource… Read more »

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Making Your Case

Become a Venture Capitalist to Fund Your Projects We are facility people. We like nothing more than opening a panel and looking for those loose connections or programming the controller… Read more »

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Global Demographics Will Force a Shift to Smart Cities & IoT

It seems more and more clear to me that evolving global demographics could alone virtually guarantee that smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the way forward. Let’s… Read more »

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Research Reveals That Companies with More Women In Leadership Roles Perform Better

I came across an interesting finding the other day. Companies that have more women in leadership roles are performing in the top 20% financially according to the DDI’s Global Leadership… Read more »

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We Have the Technology to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

It is apparent to me that COP21 will be a milestone on the path towards a world that is more sustainable. I have been participating in these conferences for the… Read more »

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Sustainable Comfort: How Hilton Gives Its Guests More by Using Less

Some people assume that sustainability and efficiency require sacrifice. In other words, using less means going without. However, energy and resource savings, and sacrifice don’t belong in the same sentence…. Read more »

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