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5 Essential Components of Data Center System Planning

Failing to create a plan for a data center project can be a recipe for disaster. Mistakes made in the planning process can be exacerbated once the project is underway,… Read more »

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Success in Data Center Projects Requires Defining These 3 IT Parameters

Perhaps your business is growing and you need to expand your capacity to store data. Or, you’ve decided that your business has tempted fate too long without a backup data… Read more »

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3 Common Errors To Avoid When Commissioning a Data Center

Data center commissioning is a process by which an unbiased evaluation can be given regarding the operational prospects of a newly constructed data center. In essence, data center commissioning provides… Read more »

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The Advantages of a ‘Stepped Phase-In’ for Data Center Buildout

Data center plans are frequently vague because they can’t account for the constantly changing nature of technical developments in IT equipment. Moreover, it’s close to impossible to accurately predict what… Read more »

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How data center pod frames can shorten IT room deployment time by over 20%

Every day your data center isn’t operational is another day you’re not generating revenue or getting that critical business application online. If you’re a colocation data center, not having the… Read more »

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Assessing Whether You Really Have the Expertise to Successfully Migrate a Data Center

Conducting a data center migration requires having people on your IT staff with deep experience in such a project. By “deep” I mean folks who have been through several data… Read more »

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Why Row-based Cooling May Be All the Cooling Your Data Center Needs

Many data centers use a hybrid cooling strategy, with row cooling for all the rack-mounted IT equipment and supplemental cooling for ancillary equipment such as tape systems and storage units… Read more »

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Modular Data Centers Can Help You Stop “Stranding Capital”

When the CTO of a big financial firm tells you something is a good investment, it likely pays (literally) to listen. That’s what Matthew Tavares was doing yesterday as Frank… Read more »

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The Green Grid’s Data Center Maturity Model Can Delivery Big Energy Savings

Something rather remarkable has happened over the course of the last year at The Green Grid  (TGG) that anyone who owns and operates a data center ought to know about…. Read more »

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