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Cloud Data Centers and the art of Feng Shui

For over 3000 years, Feng Shui has been bringing balance and harmony to physical space. In China, millions of people live their lives according to the natural forces and principles… Read more »


Podcast: Boost Cooling System Performance with Containment Systems

Having Trouble? Press PLAY Podcast Here If you’re not using some type of containment system in your data center, you’re likely sacrificing about a 30 percent improvement in cooling system… Read more »


A surprisingly low cost approach to data center energy management

The 19th Century Irish mathematical physicist and engineer Lord Kelvin famously said: “If you cannot measure it, you can not improve it.” However, it is a basic principle of measurements… Read more »

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Turn to the Cloud to Realize Energy Savings

Most customers know they can reduce their energy cost by taking advantage of utility incentives to use less power during peak demand periods and by avoiding power factor charges and… Read more »

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For Greater Business Efficiency, Stay Connected to Your Electrical Installation

What’s a baker to do? He or she runs a small business, which relies on dependable electrical service. So, the baker needs to know about any electrical problem as quickly… Read more »

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Process and Energy: A Match Made in Industrial Heaven?

If you are a Plant Manager or work in Facility Operations at an industrial plant, you have a challenging job. Electrical systems, building systems, safety systems, process systems… the list… Read more »

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Building Energy Management Systems

Digitization and visualization are two key pillars which can help us achieve our energy efficiency goals, especially in the buildings market, if we are keen to manage our energy consumption… Read more »

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10 Ways this 5-Star Partner Program Enables Growth for Technology Providers

EcoXpert partners not only have a deep understanding of the industry trends that are affecting business operations and business performance, but the expertise to tackle them. Megatrends such as IoT,… Read more »

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Energy Management Yields Comprehensive Benefits for Pipeline Operators

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that energy management becomes a process that can help the hydrocarbon pipeline operator accomplish other operational and business goals. Here’s more on that… Read more »

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Energy Action: We reduced our energy consumption, but how?

This blog series is about the Energy Action Program through which Schneider Electric has reduced its energy consumption by 9.2% since 2011. The blog series will focus on the energy… Read more »

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Old School Meets New Trends: Grappling with Innovation’s Institutional Tension

My first boss drove an elegant midnight blue Jaguar. He would occasionally “let” me take it for a spin (to the car wash or mechanic for him, but still). On… Read more »

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Meeting Millennial Expectations – How Schneider Electric Creates Meaningful Societal Value

Today, more than ever, countries and the organizations that exist within them are grappling with widening generational gaps on a variety of topics including economic, technological, and social responsibility. These… Read more »

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