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Healthcare Microgrids Evolve from Backup to Part of the Energy Value Chain

Hospitals are often pillars of the communities they serve. And, while the welfare of patients, safety of staff and comfort of visitors remain top priorities, today, leadership extends beyond healthcare… Read more »

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Meeting Millennial Expectations – How Schneider Electric Creates Meaningful Societal Value

Today, more than ever, countries and the organizations that exist within them are grappling with widening generational gaps on a variety of topics including economic, technological, and social responsibility. These… Read more »

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Colocation Providers Must Adapt to the Changing Faces of their Buyers

Not so long ago, when colocation providers were trying to make a sale, it was a pretty sure bet they’d be talking to a facilities or procurement professional. Today, the… Read more »

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Sustainability KPIs Every Company Should Track: Financial Risk

Welcome to Sustainability Reporting 2.0 — a new era that combines financial and non-financial factors to paint a clearer picture of the risk, reward and outcomes of sustainability efforts. This multi-dimensional,… Read more »

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9 Reasons You Should GOOSE Your IED Network Protection Schemes

Traditionally, electrical network protection schemes rely on hardwired connections between Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs). The problem with that approach is it makes it difficult to correct, modify, or update the… Read more »

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How to Choose an Energy Services Partner for your Financial Operation

Banking & Finance CEOs, COOs & CFOs are continuously seeking new ways to grow their bottom line. A major area of focus for all of them has turned toward energy… Read more »

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Twin Wins: See How Prop 39 Projects Achieve Environmental AND Economic Gains

When Prop 39 (Clean Energy Jobs Act) funding enabled the Snowline Joint Unified School District to tackle some long overdue facility upgrades, Mike Schene talked about the win in terms… Read more »

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Life Is On with Schneider Electric’s community outreach

Ensuring that Life Is On! Question: What do 675 Myanmar villagers, one of Canada’s most energy-efficient buildings, and six emergency housing units in France have in common? Answer: They were… Read more »

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Sustainability – Future-Proofing Our Planet

Sustainability has become the buzz word of our times. People, governments, enterprises, cities, not-for-profits, institutions, buildings and homes are all talking about it. We live in a closed ecosystem. We… Read more »

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Proposition 39 Funds Not Meeting Your District’s Needs? Time to Apply Some Leverage

Faced with a lot of needs, and not a lot of money, the Fullerton School District needed some leverage. The needs were particularly acute in the District’s Parks Junior High… Read more »

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We don’t have to re-invent the wheel for global sustainability

Non-renewable energy resources such as coal and oil for power production have to be minimized to lessen the effects of climate change. Here’s why. It takes millions  of years for… Read more »

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How I Became CMO of a Multinational Energy Company

The world is getting smaller, and its resources are growing scarcer by the day. The advent of the commercial Web browser in 1994 changed everything, connecting continents, countries and cultures… Read more »

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Hilton Worldwide Could be Making More Room for Schneider Electric Energy Management Solutions

Besides being one of the best known and most respected names in the hospitality industry, Hilton is also one of the largest companies in the sector with 10 brands, more… Read more »

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Energy Action: We reduced our energy consumption, but how?

This blog series is about the Energy Action Program through which Schneider Electric has reduced its energy consumption by 9.2% since 2011. The blog series will focus on the energy… Read more »

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Achieving Zero Net Energy Buildings

I’m fascinated with the idea of buildings that are energy neutral, meaning the renewable energy they generate is enough to meet their energy consumption needs. Also known as zero net… Read more »

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Energy Efficiency: Better Lighting? Lower Bills? BAH!

Starting now, let’s admit the folly of energy efficiency. It’s too specific and too prescriptive. Energy efficiency is a rather narrow component of overall efficiency which properly is measured in… Read more »


3 Ways to Lower Data Center Energy Costs and Move to Sustainability

It’s no secret that data centers use a tremendous amount of energy, about 2% of all U.S. electricity by some estimates. It’s great that companies with some of the largest… Read more »

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World Cities Day – Designing Details that Matter

It’s World Cities Day on October 31st and in conjunction with the overall theme of “Better Cities, Better Life”, 2015 has a focus of “Designed to live together”. Through the… Read more »

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Hotel Genius

I like to think of myself as a frequent traveler: more than 35 countries visited, at the top of a few airline status lists, and with a fail-safe packing strategy…. Read more »


Let us make the Planet Smarter, not Hotter

The International Energy Agency has come out with its World Energy Outlook 2013 projections. Each of the below imperative from the report should be  serious enough to make planners and… Read more »


Goodbye, Green Buildings

I’ve been a self-proclaimed green buildings dork since 2006, when I lived in one of the most sustainable cities in the US—Seattle—and learned the joys of efficient public transportation and… Read more »

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GUEST POST: China at an Environmental Crossroads: Trends and Strategies – Part 2

In this guest post, we reconnect with Rosie Pidcock for an analysis of The China Greentech Report 2013. (You may want to read Part 1 if you missed it.) The… Read more »

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Pondering New Year’s Resolutions? Get Inspired by Our Award-Winning Project with Salem Community College

As I look back on 2015, so many of our projects fill me with pride. One project in particular earned accolades not just in my book, but also from the… Read more »

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How a Shoebox-Sized Device Saves Colo Data Centers 30% on Energy Bills

Good things come in small packages.  And for colocation data center operators looking to reduce costs, energy savings of up to 30% can be delivered via a new generation of… Read more »

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It’s all about Running Marathons and Conserving Energy

Part 1: Know your starting point This blog series is about training for a marathon and how a less-than-athletic, self-proclaimed sustainability & intelligent energy evangelist relates energy waste to sore… Read more »

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Municipalities and Schools Discover Hidden Benefits of Sustainability Planning

Recently, Dallas County, Texas, embarked on a $43 million sustainability plan that county Judge Clay Jenkins believes is a powerful economic driver for the community. For Texas’ second largest county,… Read more »

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Envisioning a Sustainable Future Through Innovation

Regarding climate, I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic. I am an activist. The big picture is clear. It is our corporate duty to fight climate change brought on by carbon… Read more »

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Energy Effectiveness Creates a New Focus for Data Centers

Data center operators are being encouraged to organize their facilities so that they can run at higher temperatures. The theory is that higher operating temperatures improve overall data center efficiency… Read more »

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GUEST POST: Now, good news on the war on poverty: Partnerships work!

Tired of hearing how most of “charity” money seems to get wasted?  Here are some straight facts that will help to brighten your day on this issue. The bottom of… Read more »

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The Economics of Energy Efficiency Projects

The annual global energy efficiency spending has to increase to $550 billion by 2035, says International Energy Agency (IEA) in their World Energy Outlook 2014. This will need new models sources of… Read more »

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