Renewable energy is risk averse – Just like you (and the NFL, Texas, and others you wouldn’t expect)

Maybe you chose a garden gnome in your yard to guard the spare house key. Or maybe you have it in a petunia planter, or under that nondescript rock. Keeping… Read more »

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Distributech: Learn, Experiment, Do

The curtain is closed on the largest and most successful Distributech conference in its history. At last count, there were 9,823 registered attendees with an additional 400 registered for the… Read more »

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The Green Generator and the Smart Grid

Demand Response, Variable Pricing, and Time of Use are three tools used by utilities to reduce energy consumption, and are part of the emerging idea known as the smart grid…. Read more »

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What is Smart Grid? Distributech wants to know.

The just concluded Consumer Electronics Show was a massive showcase of cool new ways to use electricity. It is unlikely the attendees and exhibitors thought of it that way, though… Read more »


6 Ways Smart Grid Technology Can Solve Medium Voltage Substation Challenges – Part 2

One of the greatest challenges utilities face is how to introduce smart grid technology toadapt to a decarbonized, decentralized, and digitized environment. MV/LV substationsare at the core of any electrical… Read more »

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Worried about the reliability of your ageing LV or MV networks – read on to discover your options

Do you have a strategy for modernising or replacing your aging LV and MV electrical switchgear? A reliable, safe, easily maintainable power network is more crucial than ever because downtime… Read more »

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How Microgrids Help Tackle Global Energy Challenges

Microgrids are proving to be a solution for many energy challenges — whether the issue is energy reliability, independence, accessibility, or cost optimization. Let’s look at these at a high… Read more »

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5 questions you need to ask when dealing with aging electrical distribution equipment

Aging electrical equipment and components are not only inefficient, they’re potentially dangerous. Overheating in electrical enclosures, usually caused by loose connections and friction (due to lack of or improper lubrication) can… Read more »

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Secure Power Solutions Must Be Adaptable to Specific Industry Needs

Ensuring reliable power for mission-critical applications in industry isn’t as simple as offering a range of standard power protection products, even if they are very good products. For many Secure… Read more »

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Optimizing your Smart Utility – a Roadmap to Success

In my last post, I described how an Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) – a convergence of SCADA, DMS, OMS, EMS, and DSM functions – is an essential ingredient in… Read more »

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Industrial Big Data, IoT, Mobility and More at the 2015 Software User Conference

If you’ve been reading my blog posts over the past several months, you’ve probably realized that I write a lot about predictive analytics. The truth is though, that the Schneider… Read more »

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Dream Big: The future of reliability for utilities

Reliability is at the forefront of utilities’ concerns, and rightly so. People expect power to flow 24/7 and any interruption is disruptive for customers and costly for utilities in terms… Read more »

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