What has Water got to do with Internet?

Internet of Things (IoT) uses machine-to-machine (M2M) technology to connect objects to each other via  the Internet, analyze their data, and communicate results to other objects (your Smart phone or… Read more »

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Did you know that it is possible to save CO2 by connecting capacitors to the electrical networks?

By improving the power factor in an electrical circuit, capacitors can directly curb CO2 emissions. It’s a fact. If you connect capacitor banks to your electrical network you save energy and reduce… Read more »


The self-sufficient wastewater treatment plant

Today we know that the self-sufficient biological treatment plant is on the horizon. There are many options available to those who need to optimize their treatment plants, but for now I will… Read more »


How to Save Up to 50% on Your Pump or Fan Installation

Picture yourself driving your family sedan down a windy country road. Now picture that you have no control over the gas pedal—it is always fully to the floor—and the only… Read more »

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Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

The devastation that we saw in areas such as Manhattan after hurricane Sandy naturally prompts lots of discussion about what went wrong and whether data center downtime directly caused by… Read more »

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The Smart Grid for Water

  Energy is rightfully top of mind for building professionals, and it should be with its cost and environmental impact. Looking at buildings specifically, which consume about 40% of primary… Read more »


Ethernet and Automation Controller Marriage Proving to be a Successful One

According to the ARC Advisory Group, about $65 billion in installed process automation systems worldwide are reaching end of life, with most having been in operation for over 20 years…. Read more »

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A Pumping Operation That Is No “Big Easy”

When the majority of your city is below sea level and even minor rainfall can require activation of city pumps, you need to be prepared for rain. So it is… Read more »

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Avoiding the Darkness of Unplanned Downtime With Smart, Highly Available Solutions

Regardless of the process, downtime always means a loss of productivity for a process application. Unplanned downtimes, whether due to component failure or human error, are the most costly ones…. Read more »

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Plant “Asset Performance Management” Is For Everyone

Asset performance management (APM) is a topic of growing importance for plants in asset-intensive industries, which pretty much means all plants. In this series, I’ll take you through the asset… Read more »

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To Boil or Not to Boil? The Essential Role Critical Power Plays in Water Treatment to Ensure Community Safety

This is a cautionary tale about quality issues, escalating costs in a crisis, and the essential role of critical power for the water and wastewater industry. Our story begins when… Read more »

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Intelligent Pumping: Water’s Simple Solution for Big Savings

I was talking to a customer the other day who was lamenting about how difficult it is to meet goals related to energy and cost savings when dealing with an… Read more »

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Water Experts: One Example of Synergies Among Schneider Electric Business Units On Display at Xperience Efficiency 2013

One of the main ideas behind the Schneider Electric Xperience Efficiency 2013 event is to showcase the many different business units within Schneider and how they often work together to… Read more »

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In the IIoT technology race, your people remain your best bet

There is a great deal of discussion and articles out there around the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and its promises: Smart connected technology is radically revolutionizing the industrial landscape at… Read more »

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Secure Power Solutions Must Be Adaptable to Specific Industry Needs

Ensuring reliable power for mission-critical applications in industry isn’t as simple as offering a range of standard power protection products, even if they are very good products. For many Secure… Read more »

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If You Cannot “Control” it, Try to “Manage” it.

Unfortunately, the language we commonly use is semantically very imprecise. This imprecision reduces effective communication. For example, looking at most English language dictionaries it is difficult to distinguish between the… Read more »

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Are today’s customers loyal?

I don’t think this question can be answered with a simple yes or no. The market in which we operate today does not lend itself to being able to plainly… Read more »

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How do we cope with the dwindling talent pool in Water and Wastewater?

While skills shortages are a widespread issue for almost all of our industrial customers, in the water industry it is one of the most critical challenges faced by end users… Read more »

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