Ed Larsen

Ed Larsen

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Ed is an Industry Standards Manager for Schneider Electric USA and is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is responsible for overcurrent protective device and motor control product standards and holds BS and MS degrees from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He has been an employee of Square D/Schneider Electric for 40 years as an application engineer, marketing manager, product manager and engineering manager for control products and circuit breakers. Ed has authored technical articles and papers and frequently speaks on various product application and code compliance topics. He is a member of numerous industry technical committees and NFPA National Electrical Code Making Panels 2 and 11.

Frequently Asked Questions about Selective Coordination

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Selective Coordination Design Guidelines with Molded-Case Circuit Breakers

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Power Management with MCBs

Selective Coordination with Molded Case Circuit Breakers

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Selective Coordination and Emergency Power Supply Systems

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Implementing Selective Coordination for Health Care Facilities

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Selective Coordination and the NEC: Defining Terms and Understanding Updates

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Meeting the Spirit – And Not Just the Letter – of Arc Flash Energy Reduction Requirements

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NEC Section 240.87 – Acceptable Methods for Arc Energy Reduction

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NEC 2014 – What’s Changed in Section 240.87 Regarding Arc Energy Reduction

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