Philippe Lebreton

Philippe Lebreton

1988 : MERLIN GERIN – FSE on UPS’s
1994 : Spare Parts Logistic Manager for France
1996 : MGE UPS SYSTEMS – Services Activity Manager for Paris Area (30M$ – 50 people)
2004 : Business Development Services France
2008 : Advanced Services Manager for France
2011 : SME in Global EMS for DC initiative in charge of Competencies Development

Due to my educational background, my experience and my intellectual curiosity, I have acquired a good level of understanding and experience for all data center infrastructure technologies (Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Automation, Software modelization, Enterprise/Business Software,…).

On the other hand, I have a strong understanding of customer needs regarding technical, business or sociological aspects : not only for sales, but also for the development of robust relationships. I really want to be a trusted advisor for our customers.

Today, I’m Schneider Electric’s IT Business Subject Matter Expert for Energy Management Services for Data Centers (existing ones for their refurbishing in a “consulting” mode).

Previously, I was an expert for Services Business Development activity.
For both areas of expertise, I have developed a number of tools for business qualification or management, quotation, delivery and modeling.

Educational background
Master Business School (EM Lyon)
Technology Higher National Diploma or DUT in “Industrial Maintenance”


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