Roberto Michel

Roberto Michel

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Roberto Michel is an editor working for MediaSolve Group with more than 20 years experience with business-to-business magazines and newspapers. His expertise spans manufacturing management systems, product life-cycle management, plant automation systems, as well as broader IT topics such as data centers and mobile apps.
Cyber Security Cloud

Industrial cyber security: standards progress, but vulnerability remains

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Webcast: How digitization is reshaping power & cooling design priorities for engineers and consultants

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Webcast explains electrical contractors’ role in secure power for today’s “digitized” economy

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WEBCAST: Getting Electrical Contractors Involved in the Secure Power Opportunity

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The “Internet of Things” Heightens Need for Secure Power

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GridEx II Serves as Reminder on Grid Reliability and Secure Power Preparedness

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WEBCAST: Insight for Contractors: Trends Transform Load Profiles

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WEBCAST: Pinpoints Key Facts about the Secure Power Opportunity

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Fiber networks and cloud changing healthcare IT

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Executive take: the OpEx Opportunity Remains Strong

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