Hans Luppens

Hans Luppens

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Hans Luppens is the Global Business Development Manager for the healthcare, water and airports market segments for both IT and non IT Applications.
business continuity plan

No Room for Risk: A Sound Business Continuity Plan Is a Must for Healthcare Facilities

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medical imaging

The Importance of a UPS in Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

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business continuity

Why Hospitals Are Linking Business Continuity to Improved Patient Satisfaction

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To Boil or Not to Boil? The Essential Role Critical Power Plays in Water Treatment to Ensure Community Safety

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How Can You Leverage Manufacturing Quality Improvement Techniques to Improve the Reliability of Your Healthcare Facility?

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Critical Power Protection Helping Improve the Air Traveler’s Experience

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Digital Medical Imaging

3 Core Challenges of Installing and Supporting Sophisticated Diagnostic Equipment in Hospitals

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Assessing the Health of Your Healthcare Facility’s Electrical Power Distribution System

Healthcare facility reliability and resiliency benefits from integrated design approach

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Reliability Leads Secure Power Priorities in Water & Waste Water Sector

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Secure Power in Healthcare: Taking Care of the Pain Points

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