Energy Management/Energy Efficiency

Big challenges call for serious solutions

Efficient and effective operation of today’s electric energy and power distribution network is a lot different than managing a bulk power transmission network or, for that matter, a previous-generation distribution and power management network.

Today’s distribution management system technology must deal with meshed and radial, balanced and unbalanced networks with rapidly- and continuously-changing topologies and demand profiles. To meet reliable energy goals, it must offer advanced functionality such as Volt/VAR optimization, fault management (FLISR), near-term load forecasting, and support for distributed energy resources and highly variable renewables.

Enter the Advanced Distribution Management System, the ADMS – not your father’s distribution management system.

To perform the functionalities necessary for reliability under today’s distribution network connectivity challenges, the ADMS precisely defines a network model that –

  • represents all elements involved in distribution system operations and reflects the as-operated state of the network, typically based on the as-built state maintained by an enterprise Geographic Information System(GIS)
  • uses telemetered network data and applies high-performance data management for quick and efficient analysis
  • includes a very fast load flow algorithm that can resolve an unbalanced network, using ever-changing data telemetered from the field

The ADMS seamlessly merges this modeling with a field-proven distribution SCADA system that dependably manages the field data and an outage management system(OMS) that supports the creation of switching orders. This integration creates a unified and secure solution that provides dispatchers, engineers, and others who operate and manage the network with a single control room interface, even as the network grows.

And, it supports distributed energy, enabling the utility to grow and accommodate the renewable generation key in a sustainability strategy.


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  1. Sriram

    1.Fast load flow algorithm? Newton Raphson or any other?
    2. Any new VAR Management techniques.?


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