Energy Regulations

Designing Submetering under Title 24: A Question of Space Versus Cost

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Energy Savings

The Case for Energy Savings Performance Contracts in Your Data Center

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Secure Power Solutions Must Be Adaptable to Specific Industry Needs

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Metering a Bigger Requirement Under California’s Updated Title 24

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Energy performance contracts: an innovative approach to hospital energy management

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Why Falling Oil May Not Hurt Renewable Power or Climate Change

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Understanding the IEC 61557-12 Standard That Makes Meter Comparisons Easier-Part 1

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BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) Provide Critical Compliance Data to Facility Managers

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3 Best Practices for Reducing IT Energy Use – and Curbing Global Energy Demand

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Progress on the Solar Energy Front

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Thinking Beyond the Code with Backup Power

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How Can Utilities Save Energy in the Smart Grid Era?

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