Machine and Process Management

Get Smart: 4 ways technology is helping food and beverage producers increase efficiency and profitability

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Augmented Reality Makes Reality Even Better for Plant Operators

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Bringing End-to-End Traceability to the Food and Beverage Industry Supply Chains

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How Dow Corning upgraded to improve operational efficiency and profitability

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Digital Shipyards for development of modern Oil and Gas offshore infrastructure

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How new motor controllers optimize plant costs and efficiency

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TIPs to Securely Deploy Industrial Control Systems

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How to Build More Efficient Machines with Variable Speed Drives

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The US is likely to set a record in crude oil production this year, potentially becoming #1 global producer

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How smart is your factory?

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HMI and its implications in advanced process controls

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Electrical motors and their modern day role in industries

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Infograph on Power Quality

Power Quality Issues : Silent Efficiency Killer

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Is complex automation the only way to get food and beverage traceability?

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Increased cement production drives up energy costs and emissions, forcing manufacturers to overhaul the energy used within production

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Do automation systems provide “improved business value”?

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What is Really Going on in Industrial Automation?

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How to select the appropriate motor control system for your pump?

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Avoiding cyber attacks: An inside look at industrial security fundamentals

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One size doesn’t fit all: The value of a highly differentiated SCADA offer

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How smart is your factory?

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Food crisis is looming but our trash bins are full of wasted food!

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Technology and digitization: our industry lost a battle, but how do we win the war ?

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Process Automation Systems

Open Architectures in Control

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