Machine and Process Management

An end-to-end “smart food program” approach to stay competitive in a newly digitized industry

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Solving Manufacturing’s Two Biggest Challenges with the Industrial Internet of Things

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Fueling the Future in Oil and Gas: Improving Profitability and Efficiency Through Digital Transformation

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Digital Optimization of Floating LNG Plants

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Worker mobility tools in Mining – The smart thing to do

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Motor Protection: 5 Reasons to Choose Circuit Breakers Over Fuses

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Safety Is Sustainable and Profitable

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The “PLC” – Born out of a customer’s need to maximize profitability

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Linking Oil and Gas New Technology Trends to Business Profitability Drivers

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Manufacturing Cybersecurity: Are Your Industrial Control Systems REALLY Protected?

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Five Oil and Gas Industry Influencers That Drive High Potential for Profitability

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The next industrial revolution in IIOT and digitization will be vital in helping oil and gas companies to improve their sustainability strategy

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