Machine and Process Management

How to Build More Efficient Machines with Variable Speed Drives

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The US is likely to set a record in crude oil production this year, potentially becoming #1 global producer

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How smart is your factory?

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HMI and its implications in advanced process controls

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Electrical motors and their modern day role in industries

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Accelerating Technology and Domain Expertise are the Recipe for IT/OT Convergence in Oil and Gas

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Digital transformation and value creation for Oil and Gas at the IT/OT market convergence

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Modbus Security – New Protocol to Improve Control System Security

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Embarking on the Digitization Journey in Mining: Think Strategy First, Technology Second

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In Oil and Gas Refineries, Digitization Software and Profitability are Now Intertwined

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Improving network connectivity in industries with various control systems

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Executing the 3 Key Steps for Improving Machine Builder Efficiency

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3 SCADA considerations to optimize your industrial operation

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Sustainability driving competitive advantage for the mining industry

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The Industrial Internet of Things is an “evolution” not a “revolution”

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Cows don’t make 2% Milk

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Optimizing Operations and Maintenance with Predictive Analytics

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Asset Performance Management

Effective maintenance strategies begin with an understanding of why assets fail

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The Basics of MQTT-The Messaging Protocol for the Internet of Things

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Traffic Management Center

The central control room in 5 basic disciplines

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Blockchain is Offering Some Exciting Possibilities to Enhance Traceability for Food and Beverage Industry

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3 Benefits of Using Safety Embedded Drives in Industrial Machines

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Intelligence, Connectivity, Efficiency – the new ICE Age in Energy Management!

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Millennials – The right generation at the perfect time

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