Smart Cities

Electric Vehicles are Good for the Environment – and for the Concept of Smart Cities

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With Invensys Acquisition, Energy Meets Automation

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Global Demographics Will Force a Shift to Smart Cities & IoT

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Building Gender Equality ― a Sensible Choice for any Company

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Why Buildings are Monumentally Important

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Catch problems before they occur with predictive analytics

Reduce Maintenance Costs with the IIoT and Predictive Asset Analytics

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IBM and Schneider Electric Partner on Video Solution to Make Our Cities Safer

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Forrester Expert Explains How Digital Disruption Can Deliver a Competitive Edge

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Top Trends from the Most Popular Blog Posts of 2013: Saving Money and Energy Efficiency

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How to Get Your Factory Floor Innovation Idea Approved (and Funded) by Your CEO

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How I Became CMO of a Multinational Energy Company

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Food crisis is looming but our trash bins are full of wasted food!

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